May 2023

The 2023 show season is upon us, and this year’s Overland Expo 2023 the Baja Designs and sPOD booth will have three vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at the vehicles and their set-up. If you are heading to Flagstaff, AZ, be sure to see these vehicles and their setups in person!

Chase’s Lexus GX470

                        3x LP9 Pro on front bumper

2x s2 Pro Amber wide cornering fog lights

2x s2 Pro Amber wide cornering custom retrofitted in headlights

7x Squadron Pro white spot on roof bar

6x Squadron Pro IR driving on roof bar

2x Squadron Pro wide cornering white ditch lights

2x Squadron Pro IR driving ditch

2x Squadron Pro IR flood side rack lights

4x s1 scene white side rack lights

1x Squadron sport Amber chase light wide cornering

1x Squadron pro IR reverse light

2x Squadron sport white wide cornering reverse lights

1x RTL-S

1x BantamX with touchscreen controller in rear


1x BantamX with HD controller in cockpit

Hunters GMC Sierra AT4

1 x OnX6 Dual Controlled 40” lightbar (Amber & IR) 

2 x XL80 Pro Amber Ditch Lights 

2 x Squadron IR Ditch Lights 

4 x S1s Fog Light Replacement Kit 

1 x 8 XL Linkable lightbar 

4 x S1 Scene lights 

2 x S2 IR 

1 x Squadron Pro Amber Chase Light 

1 x RTL (Installed but not wired) 


2 x Bantams 

            Jason Denney International Scout

                        1 x 9XL Linkable

                                2 x S2 Pro Flush Mount

                                1 x RTL-S

                                1 x S8 10”

                                1 x BantamX HD