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  • Thursday, May 28, 2020
I am blown away by the output of these LP6’s. I bought a pair of the white, driving combos for the front of my truck and wasn’t sure if they would give me as much lighting as I was expecting for the price. I have had lower end LED lighting in the past but even much larger light bars don’t compare to these. The IPT’s and flood beams do a great job evenly spreading light in a very wide area in front of the vehicle, and the spot beams give you an amazing amount of distance. The quality feels second to none. Installation was easy since the wiring harness was pre made. I have not had any issues with water getting into the lenses and I don’t expect there to be any, these are built like tanks. The amber backlighting is a really cool touch that lets you show these things off, even in the daylight. If you are looking for premium lighting for any application, look no further than Baja Designs. I am truly impressed. Thank you guys for producing an awesome product!
  • Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Just received a pair of the LP6s in Amber lens with driving/combo. I am the original owner of a 2012 Ford Raptor Screw and just installed these on an aftermarket bumper. I have an aftermarket HID headlight set up with amber LED rings, a circa 2014 20" Lightbar from a top competitor, and two recessed fog lights, and rear lights from the same. The LP6 lights have absolutely transformed the look and..... the ability to see ahead three fold. I love the amber back lighting and have it hardwired into the running lights for my normal daily driving. Absolutely stand out in traffic for safety and the wow factor. I plan on upgrading my outdated 20" bar (which is washed completely out by the LP6s) with a BD Onx6+ 20" spot and a set of the new LP4s on the hood mount. After that.... replace the rear bumper lights.....and lighting is 20x better than I'll ever need. I do own a small ranch property with horses, I use my truck in the desert and mountains, and it is my daily driver. A specialized company like BD doesn't need the good reviews. I rarely give them. However, their LP6 product has reinvigorated the pride and potential I have for an amazing Truck and I wanted to let anyone know that if you are the fence..... it's worth it.
  • Thursday, July 4, 2019
Had these lights in amber installed on the bumper of my JK. I had to try them out so took them out to the Desert at night off-road. They put our a great amount of light i was surprised how well they work and how much light they put out,