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5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Just received a pair of the LP6s in Amber lens with driving/combo. I am the original owner of a 2012 Ford Raptor Screw and just installed these on an aftermarket bumper. I have an aftermarket HID headlight set up with amber LED rings, a circa 2014 20" Lightbar from a top competitor, and two recessed fog lights, and rear lights from the same. The LP6 lights have absolutely transformed the look and..... the ability to see ahead three fold. I love the amber back lighting and have it hardwired into the running lights for my normal daily driving. Absolutely stand out in traffic for safety and the wow factor. I plan on upgrading my outdated 20" bar (which is washed completely out by the LP6s) with a BD Onx6+ 20" spot and a set of the new LP4s on the hood mount. After that.... replace the rear bumper lights.....and lighting is 20x better than I'll ever need. I do own a small ranch property with horses, I use my truck in the desert and mountains, and it is my daily driver. A specialized company like BD doesn't need the good reviews. I rarely give them. However, their LP6 product has reinvigorated the pride and potential I have for an amazing Truck and I wanted to let anyone know that if you are the fence..... it's worth it.
Had these lights in amber installed on the bumper of my JK. I had to try them out so took them out to the Desert at night off-road. They put our a great amount of light i was surprised how well they work and how much light they put out,