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Husqvarna & Husaberg Motorcycle Lighting

Your stock Husaberg or Husqvarna bike was built for off-road use only, and the manufacturer didn’t put a whole lot of thought into 24-hour races or night riding, either. That’s Ok — your friends at Baja Designs have that all taken care of for you.


  • Factory 4-stroke Husqvarna Motorcycles with headlight will require a D/C KIT
  • 2-Stroke Husqvarna models without TPI will require a A/C KIT
  • Husqvarna Bikes with TPI require a D/C Kit

Husqvarna & Husaberg Motorcycle Lighting

Even if your Husaberg or Husqvarna came with a headlight, it probably isn’t adequate for night-time trail use. Baja Designs offers motorcycle LED lighting kits that are designed specifically for your bike, so installation is a snap.

Upgrade your Husqvarna or Husaberg with race-quality lighting that improves daytime visibility as well as nighttime safety, while extending your riding time when night falls.