Squadron Nighthawk Off-Road Side Mirror Lights
Squadron Nighthawk Assault Mirrors

You’ll make one of the best possible upgrades to your side-by-side with the Nighthawk UTV mirror kit. Putting off-road lights in side mirrors is an effective way to increase visibility in all directions. This makes the trails safer for yourself and for fellow woodland swashbucklers. Baja Designs and Assault Industries have partnered to come up with this all-in-one mirror system. It helps you keep an eye on the front, sides, and back with barely a twitch of your head. Universal UTV side mirrors with lights also work on Jeeps, ATVs, dirt bikes, and anything else you want to push to the limits.

See Back to Front

A set of Squadron Nighthawk off-road side mirrors is a double-dose of nighttime vision. They’re fitted with integrated Squadron Sport LED auxiliary lights that are made for near-field, side-light, and work-light applications. We use the wide cornering beam pattern to assist with turning as well as seeing through the fog. The bright 5000K color temperature glow, which almost perfectly matches natural daylight, utilizes ClearView® optics technology to go exactly where you aim it. On the opposite side are Assault UTV mirrors that provide a crystal clear view of what’s coming up from behind. The Cree LED lights also help alert others to your presence, reducing the chances of a late-night collision.

DIY Side Mirror Lighting

Customizing a race car or recreational side-by-side is easy when you shop at Baja Designs. Squadron Nighthawk UTV side mirror lights are a turn-key kit containing the mirrors, a pair of tube mounts, and a wiring harness. No trimming, cutting, or drilling is needed. You’ll get all the benefits of Baja Designs technology, including a waterproof housing, efficient thermal management, and fully serviceable lenses. Watch our product video or contact an expert to learn more about how they enhance nighttime performance.