Baja Designs unique use of O-ring seals instead of silicone allows users to change their beam pattern and lenses with ease.  Other LED lights are silicone sealed so their patterns are not customizable and a rock chip requires you to return the light to the manufacturer for service or purchase a completely new light.  On the other hand, if a BD lens happens to get scratched or you need a different light pattern, simply unscrew BD’s water and dust proof lens and custom O-ring seal and install the replacements.

Baja Designs engineers are off road enthusiasts and racers and know what’s important when it comes to LED lights.  "You wouldn't throw out your car if your windshield cracks, would you? No, you'd just replace the windshield. So why would anyone design a disposable LED driving light? That’s crazy!" – Alan Roach, Baja Designs Engineer, Founder and Racer.

With more usable patterns than any other manufacturer, ClearView® provides you with a light for every zone and a scientific method to the madness.

ClearView™ is our proprietary optics, which are computer designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers who have first-hand knowledge of the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders. Each new optic is meticulously prototyped in-house, and personally tested and perfected by Alan Roach, Baja Designs Engineer, Founder and Racer.

“The ultimate goal of lighting is to provide a smooth field of light so the driver can drive quickly with minimal fatigue. My engineering and racing knowledge combined with the feedback of our professional racers and drivers has allowed us to develop the best optics in the industry.” – Alan Roach, Baja Designs Engineer, Founder and Racer.

Each optic is designed to illuminate one or more of eight specific Lighting Zones.   BD’s racing engineers were the first to define these lighting zones and to design specific patterns for the lesser known cornering, dust/fog and High Speed Spot zones.  BD’s Wide Cornering and Wide Driving patterns were the first HID and LED lights that offered both a horizontal cut off and a wide pattern to make the light usable in fog or dust without causing blinding back scatter and also fill the important cornering zone so the driver doesn’t feel like he is driving in a tunnel.  BD’s High Speed Spot™ has revolutionized LED lighting by truly achieving the distance of an HID with the smoothness of an LED. Other patterns available are Driving, Spot, Flood/Work and Dome/Interior. Amber patterns are also available.

BD’s CopperDrive LED management system uses next gen circuit board and driver technology to safely run high powered LEDs at 100% power. 4 levels of thermal management transfer LED heat up to 3000% more efficiently and provide an extra layer of vibration isolation creating the highest performing and longest lasting LED light on the market.  

Our circuit boards use copper instead of aluminum to help transfer heat more efficiently from the LED to the thermal gap pad.  The thermal gap pad plays an important role in aiding heat transfer to the heat sink, which keeps the LEDs cool and also provides for vibration damping.  The microprocessor controlled thermistors help to constantly monitor the temperature of the LED to ensure brightness and longevity.


Human eyes have evolved to see best at noon on a sunny day which translates to a color temperature of 5000 degrees Kelvin.   A color temperature of 5000K greatly reduces driver fatigue and increases terrain recognition.  BD exclusively uses 5000K LEDs to ensure the safest and highest performing driving experience.