Subaru BRZ Lighting Kits

Subaru built the BRZ with the classic sports car layout — front engine, rear-wheel drive. These cars are built to provide true sports car handling, and they love windy, deserted roads. The  BRZ's out-of-the-box performance makes it easy to outrun its headlights. A more powerful lighting system will make your BRZ safer and more fun to drive.

A powerful LED lighting system makes it possible to safely take your BRZ out for some serious night-time canyon-carving. A powerful lighting system gives you more time to avoid wildlife and compensate for variations in terrain. It also makes you more visible to other drivers, so there's less of a chance of someone pulling out in front of you.

The Rally Innovations fog pocket LED-mount kit lets you install our Squadron LED lights without spoiling the lines or aerodynamics of your Subaru BRZ, so you'll have all the advantages of a high-powered lighting system without the wannabe-rally-driver look.