Squadron Sport, M/C, LED Race Light


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5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Installed the Squadron Sport MC, DC light onto my daughters 2006 TTR125LE three months ago (10-2017) along with the BD universal wiring kit. The light was at that time producing 1,800 lumens (slight upgrade since then). No additional parts were needed, truly a plug and ride setup. Easier than expected. The light color, distance of throw and beam width are great and maximise the lights usefulness. This BD 1,800 lumen light on her bike blows away my stock headlight on my 2011 Husky TE449 dual-sport bike. As she followed me, her light was projecting past my bike and helping me stay on the trail (not easy to do with stock street legal light on Husky). I absolutely recommend this light and the universal wiring kit. BD lights are American made with real quality and it shows on the trail. She loves riding at night with confidence and likes the fact that her headlight smokes Dad's! Nas
Exactly what I wanted. I bought this for 2014 Honda 450r. The wiring harness is bought separately but everything was plug and play as advertised. The light works great. I was a little worried about my bikes stator output but there is absolutely no problem running this light, at idle or otherwise. It also looks great on the bike.