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  • Wednesday, July 8, 2020
These lights are worth every penny. I installed the LP9 pros on a Jeep Rubicon with aux switches. I had to make a custom harness with a relay to use my switches but it came out great. The amber lights come on with my parking lights, for the low beam I press AUX 1 and for the high beams I press AUX 3 while AUX 1 is depressed. The relay prevents both circuits from being powered at the same time. I did have an issue with one light having condensation. I emailed Baja Designs and Matt promptly sent me a replacement and return shipping label for the light with condensation. Baja Designs stands by their warranty and they are the only lights I’ll run on my truck and Jeep.
  • Friday, March 8, 2019
SICK Lights! I am NOT afraid of the dark anymore!!! :) We have been a Baja Designs user for many years now and these are our all time favorites lights now!! Two thumbs up! Thanks, Ben Hedrick Hedrick Speedsports
  • Monday, March 4, 2019
Fantastic product, just as advertised. Ordered a pair of them to put on my 14 JKU's front bumper which I take off-road when I get the chance, and these lived up to what my expectations were. The IPT and forward facing lumens provide a nice clear patch at night (driving/combo), unbelievable amount of light output, can handle the rugged terrain and being submerged under water. Very pleased with the LP9s so much, that I was happy to see a smaller version made with the LP6 - currently 4 on order. Highly recommend. Awesome product and awesome customer service all the time.
  • Sunday, February 3, 2019
Purchased a pair of driving combo white LED LP9's in December 2018. Installed them on a 2015 Kenworth T-800 log truck that travels a ton of back roads with little to no traffic. Depending on the location of the cut block, these lights are used anywhere from 4-8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They have seen temperatures ranging from +10 to -35°C and parked in a +15°C shop overnight and they have had no issues with condensation or water, snow, frost, etc. infiltration even pressure washing them with 4000psi. These lights are no joke, the brightest lights I've ever seen! They shine about 2 km's down the road and about 300 meter's into the ditch/field on either side of the road. I wired them up with 12ga wire and 2 relays in order to utilize a SPDT switch so the switch leg wire can be fused with a 5 amp fuse insread of using a DPDT switch rated to 25 amps with a bigger fuse for a bit better safety factor. The low beam function (IPT and wide driving lights) is awesome in inclement weather as it has a very even, widely dispersed light that limits the amount of scatter vertically which allows it to cut through the snow, sleet and rain extremely well without giving you the glare that the high beam mode gives. On clear nights, the high beam is just incredible! The light is a controlled beam that goes on for what seems to be forever and allows you to safely drive at 65-70mph with great comfort knowing that you can see so far down the road and way into the ditch beside you. Spotting moose, deer and Buffalo have never been so easy. The IPT is awesome and truly does have 200° of usable light as it shine a bit behind the truck even with a bumper slightly obscuring the light in that regard. The fit and finish of the lights, lens, LED placement, use of Deutsch connectors, impecable powder coat finish, stainless hardware and mount are just leaps and bounds better than the competition. These lights are hefty and that just helps solidify that these lights are of the highest quality. I spliced the Amber clearance light function into the existing clearance light circuit and it is just the icing on the cake. It matches in color perfectly and just looks really cool. It's just a nice touch added to these already amazing lights! The 5000k color temperature of these lights are amazing, way less eye fatigue compared to the 6000k to 6500k LED that almost every other driving light or bar on the market is using. The 5000k is just pure white with no hint of blue and works really well in the snow and rain. My light bars on my pickup (42" curved, 30" straight, 4 pods from other manufacturers) do not even come close to the light output of two LP9 pro's. BD lights are on another level compared to everything else out there. Don't be fooled by raw lumens, it's how the manufacturer projects the light that makes all the difference. The price may look high but it is an extraordinary value. After seeing the amount of light that these give off, one LP9 would beat the setup on my pickup and be cheaper too. Thanks BD for putting out what I think is the best light on the market today!