You keep saying you wish you had more time to ride your bike — well, here's your chance! Whether you're looking to make your Kawasaki dirt bike a street-legal commuter, or you're just trying to increase your trail time with a little night-riding, Baja Designs has the motorcycle lighting you need.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Lighting

Our dual-sport kits have everything you need to turn your KLX, KX, or KDX into a full-blown dual-sport except tires. That includes a high/low-beam headlight, signals, a horn, a taillight, a mirror, a handlebar switch, brake light switches, and a license plate bracket. Some states may require a speedometer — we have those, too.

For nighttime trail-riding, OEM lighting isn't going to cut it once you hit about 25, but we have the lighting upgrades you need, as well. From LED headlights to handlebar-mounted LED light bars, Baja Designs LED motorcycle lighting crank out enough lumens to let you lay on the throttle with confidence.

Kawasaki Dual Sport Kit/Enduro Reference Chart

Kawasaki Stator Reference Chart for Race light