Off-Road Lighting Products


This zone illuminates the area directly in front of the vehicle, for use during rainy, snowy, or dusty conditions.
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This zone provides cornering and peripheral light, which is necessary to drive comfortably at speed.
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This zone is your primary driving light. It is the most important zone to start with when building a balanced lighting package.
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This zone is your first level of long distance lighting, distance needed to travel at speeds, and see safely down the road or trail.
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This zone is implemented when approaching triple digits speeds, or in instances when distance penetration becomes necessary.
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This zone illuminates the wheel wells, undercarriage, or any other part of the vehicle that can benefit from great visibility while moving through tight spaces and jagged terrain.
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This zone is important for drivers a that need quick access to tools and cargo, in and immediately around the vehicle.
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This zone is crucial to keeping the back side of your vehicle safe. From reversing on the trail or being seen in the dust.
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This zone is one of the last additions to your lighting package. When you have optimized your entire package and still need that extra punch in the distance lighting.
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What Is Your Lighting Zone?

The needs of every off-roader are different, so we’ve created a Lighting Zone system to help you mix and match the right products, with the right lenses, in the right places to achieve the absolute best results. We believe it’s not just about having the brightest lights, but using the right lights in the right way. A high quality and strategic lighting package will make you safer and give you that competitive edge, but it is important to understand the proper placement, power and pattern for each zone. Whether you love rock crawling and overlanding, or racing 100mph in the desert, we have lights that will perfectly illuminate each and every zone.

Watch the video above for a brief overview to get you started, and click through the tiles below to find detailed information and suggested lights for each zone!

Baja Designs has been developing award-winning LED light solutions for over 25 years. Each of our products are built by the industry’s leading professionals to produce the quality and reliability necessary to not only win races, but also to conduct high-risk military operations with the US Military’s Special Forces units. Our engineers craft LED lighting applications for vehicles, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, adventure bikes, marine vehicles, military vehicles, industrial and agricultural applications, and more. Explore our LED lighting options pictured above for everything from universal kits, to plug-and-play, vehicle-specific applications.