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LED Automotive Lights & Accessories

You’ll never be left in the dark when your vehicle is equipped with the best automotive LED lights available. Baja Designs has been engineering off-road lighting solutions for more than 25 years, and as the Scientists of Lighting, we know what it takes to keep our customers safe on the road. Our lighting systems are designed to totally illuminate all eight of the lighting zones around your vehicle with powerful LED bulbs and mounts that integrate into the body of your vehicle. By combing premium Cree LEDs with heavy-duty waterproof housings, a proprietary CopperDrive® light management system, and serviceable optics, we set the standard for LED vehicle lighting. Furthermore, we offer many solutions to fit the unique needs of our customers. The next time you’re looking for high-quality LED auto lights, truck lighting, Jeep lighting, or SUV lights, start your search at Baja Designs.

Off-Road Vehicle Light Kits

Vehicle-Specific Mounts

Getting the right fit is always important, and at Baja Designs, we offer vehicle-specific light kits to make your life a little easier. Our lighting kits and mounts are clearly labeled, so you know right away which vehicles they will fit. They’re available for many popular off-road automotive makes. Shop for Chevrolet light kits, Nissan light kits and Toyota light kits, to easily find the right LED car lighting for your specific make and model. You’ll also find light kits for Ford, Jeep and Subaru vehicles, among others.

Safety and Security

Bright, wide lighting is critical for keeping you safe on the road. Whether you drive a Jeep, a pickup truck or a small car, it’s important to be able to see where you’re going. The best way to blast the roadway with brightness is to use LED auto lighting, but LED vehicle lights can be blinding to other drivers. Fortunately, our CopperDrive® light management system uses advanced technology to allow you to safely run high-power LEDs. Our LED lights for cars and trucks are more efficient than traditional bulbs and are better able to resist vibration for the best performance and the longest life possible.


Off-Road Vehicle Light Kits

Both universal and SAE automotive lighting systems from Baja Designs use the latest technology. Our selection of LED vehicle lights includes aftermarket light bars, automotive LED spotlights, safety lights, interior dome lights, and many others. Choose the size, beam pattern, and color that do the job required. These fixtures can be installed in a variety of ways using universal light mounting systems, or you can browse our vehicle-specific lighting kits that are purpose-designed for what you drive. Thanks to a simple DIY design, many adventurers can install their lights at home. Some people, however, may want a professional to do the job. Our SAE fog light kits come with that option. Click on “Home Install” and enjoy expert service from a technician in our network. All automotive light installations come with a Total Happiness Guarantee.

Premium LED Auto Lighting

Our long-lasting vehicle lights are built from the ground up for extreme driving — that’s why championship Baja 1000 racers only use BD lights. With 5000K daylight Cree LEDs, waterproof housings, ClearView® optics, and multi-layered thermal management, these lights have everything you need. Whether you’re looking for long-distance spotlights or interior dome lights, there are Baja Designs automotive lights that outperform the competition. Add lighting accessories to customize a system that’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.