Dirt Bike Lights & Motorcycle Racing Lights

Dirt Bike LED Lights & Accessories

Upgrade your motorcycle off-road lighting with championship-winning products from Baja Designs. Our founders Alan Roach and Stephen Mitchell were longtime Baja 1000 motorcycle racers and used that knowledge to pioneer the world’s best motorcycle LED lights and auxiliary lights. For the last 30 years, Baja Designs dirt bike lights have shown every single professional and amateur Baja 1000 motorcycle rider the path to victory. They’ll do the same for you thanks to a scientific design approach that’s fueled by our riding passion.

LED Motorcycle Lighting

Baja Designs is the world leader in off-road lights that make the nighttime feel as bright as day. Universal LED motorcycle lights come in many sizes and styles. If you need a headlight for your dirt bike, consider the Squadron Pro or Squadron Sport dual sport kits. The XL series of motorcycle race lights and Enduro lights take visibility to the next level for high-speed riding. Bike-specific LED lighting is designed for your motorcycle model with a clean appearance. Shop dozens of dirt bike lighting kits that fit Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Husqvarna , Yamaha and other leading manufacturers.

Motorcycle Helmet Lights & Accessories

Baja Designs knows experience that winning rides need more than just light bars and laser lights. Our friends at MotoMinded developed the Torch LED helmet kit that shines light wherever you look. It also helps other riders and pedestrians see you. Performance motorcycle wiring harnesses reconfigure the electronics so the new lights will shine their brightest. We sell motorcycle tail lights, replacement headlight parts, alternator stators, and other accessories so riders can service their lighting systems.

No matter your bike of choice, we’ll help you find a lighting solution. Baja Designs uses the finest material to craft long-lasting motorcycle lights that are fully waterproof and shine light where you need them. On the road or off it, you can upgrade your visibility with a limited lifetime warranty that comes with all Baja Designs lights.

Can you put headlights on a dirt bike?

To run a headlight on a motorcycle, the electrical system will need to have adequate power from the bike’s stator to power the headlight. While many off-road and dual-sport motorcycles will have the capability, most track bikes will lack this feature. Most modern dirt bikes with electric start and fuel injection will have no issues running our Squadron Sport universal lighting kit.  If you are unsure about how much power your motorcycle has coming from the stator, refer to our motorcycle output chart.