Dual Sport Line To Be Discontinued August 1st

Baja Designs to Discontinue Dual Sport Kits in 2019

San Marcos, CA


After more than 25 years of producing the light that started it all, Baja Designs is discontinuing their line of Dual Sport Kits. Orders for new Dual Sport Kits will be accepted until August 1, 2019; after which Baja Designs will continue to support the product line while components are available, with an anticipated total phase out by Q1 of 2020*. Baja Designs will continue to produce and sell their popular motorcycle LED headlight replacements, however product with a halogen bulb, turn signal, or taillight will be discontinued on said date. 


“It is a bittersweet decision,” expressed Alan Roach, founder of Baja Designs. “I engineered the first Dual Sport Kit in my garage.” While they have seen a slight down-shift in sales of Dual Sport Kits, their LED and Laser light sales have grown exponentially.




Baja Designs is still hoping to find someone interested in continuing this product line’s legacy while they shift their commitment to drop-in lighting solutions for dirt bikes, adventure bikes, side by sides, ATVs, overland vehicles, and vehicle specific applications. When Deanne Moore, CEO, was asked how she felt about the decision she voiced, “the line deserves more attention than what Baja Designs can offer right now, but it would be a great business opportunity for a motorcycle enthusiast.”

Baja Designs remains focused on creating leading edge lighting solutions and will continue to design our factory replacement LED and Laser headlight kits for dirt bikes. “Our racing heritage and passion for the off-road industry will guarantee that we continue to develop and deliver the highest performing and superior quality lighting solutions we are known for,” Trent Kirby, COO.

*Replacement part availability will be determined by manufacturer availability and require minimum order quantities

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