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S1 Hitch Light Kit
With a trailer hitch harness or toggle switch version to choose from the S1 Hitch Light Kit is a powerful and versatile lighting solution for outdoor enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. This compact system uses an S1 LED light, mounted in a durable Meso Customs hitch that easily attaches to any standard 2-inch hitch receiver.
In 1992, Baja Designs was founded in San Diego, California with a passion and thirst for off-road. Performance-driven and race proven - Baja Designs engineers and manufacturers using only the best components available on the market today.
What separates Baja Designs from the imitators, fakes, and clones. NOT ALL LUMENS ARE CREATED EQUAL!
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Universal s1 Hitch Light Kit
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If there is anyone qualified to talk about lighting it is @andymcmillin31 as he started racing with our HID lights at the 2010 Baja 1000 and as we developed our technology throughout the years Andy gave us first hand product feedback to help develop and make our product even better. #baja1000 #bajadesigns
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Preparing a lighting package for @andymcmillin31 and @brycemenzies7 to go race the @scoreinternational Baja 1000 is more than simply bolting on lights. Aiming lights and pairing specific lenses and lights is half the battle. 

Want to learn more? Hit the #LINKINBIO to watch the full video #bajadesigns
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When @joshuagrading heard the @diesel.brothers we’re going up to Crestline to help clear driveways for people who were stuck in their home for 15 days he sprung into action and volunteered his time and rig. Awesome what the  heavy machinery community has done for those giving their time with local emergency services. Well done guys, we’ll done.
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The next generation Squadron SAE is engineered with all-new aspheric projector optics and with our advanced LED technology provides a performance increase in luminous flux of 56% over our previous generation SAE model. The all-new Squadron SAE delivers 2,420 lumens per light with output reaching up to 15,800 candela at just 29 watts.

Check out the link in bio to order some for yourself 🔗⚡️ #bajadesigns
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Having the proper lighting setup at all off-road races is absolutely crucial, especially the Baja 1000 that’s why back in November we linked up with @andymcmillin31 and @brycemenzies7 to fine tune and test their lighting package on their @masonmotorsportsinc AWD Trophy Truck. Check it all out in the new YouTube Video and see what lights are necessary to race the Baja 1000. #LINKINBIO 🔗⚡️ #bajadesigns
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Race proven since 1992. #bajadesigns @desertassassins
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Congratulations on the win this weekend @eric_hardin79 INSANE #bajadesigns
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Is the new Frontier slept on? 🎇@Kpxoverland #bajadesigns
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Being able to service your own equipment is a necessity when out on the trail or back home in your garage. Baja Designs set out to make a light that is easily serviceable is the core mission behind our uService® technology

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Making sure the elements don’t damage the internals of your performance lights first and every light we produce works in the worst of conditions is core of our exclusive MoistureBlock™ technology.

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ClearView™ is our proprietary optics, which are computer designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers who have first-hand knowledge of the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders.

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