Apr 2022

The Motowhips FE501 is truly 1-of-1

Founder of Motowhips and mechanical wizard, Justin Myerson, has been building exquisite motorbikes for over a decade, and his recent Husqvarna FE501, nicknamed “Perfect Storm,” is no exception. Decked out with a pleathora of aftermarket components from off-road industry leaders, including Yoshimura, Dunlop, Hinson, and of course Baja Designs, “Perfect Storm” is an adequate nickname, to say the least. Being legal both on and off-road, this build will turn heads wherever it goes.  

The bike started its life as a stock Husqvarna FE501, a fantastic bike no doubt, but Justin saw its true potential. He swapped the tank for something slimmer, which shaved weight and made it akin to the typical motocross feel. He also powder coated the bike head to toe. Everything from the frame to the calipers, from the suspension to the motor, got a fresh coat, either powder or ceramic cerakote. He replaced the restrictive stock exhaust with a Yoshimura RS-12 system to let the big 501 breathe, and to manage the power to the ground, swapped out the stock clutch for a more robust Hinson Racing clutch. Yoshimura blinkers were also added to the bike for any on-road experiences the rider may have. The stock chain, sprockets, handlebars, and grips have all been replaced to make way for superior Renthal components. The stopping power is provided by a pair of hard-coated hydraulic Magura brake calipers, and the wheels are a set of Excel A60’s wrapped in a fresh set of Dunlop D606 dual-sport tires.  

The crown jewel sits front and center on the bike; a single Baja Designs XL80 headlight. The XL80 is a powerful light that has dominated the moto industry for years. Boasting an exuberant 9,500 lumens, no other moto kit even comes close. The headlight is tough and able to withstand the wear and tear of moto riding. And with a lifetime warranty, the rider will never need to invest in another kit again. When equipped with this headlight, night riding is not an issue. The rider will be able to see clearly at night, which allows riders to go faster, and break later with confidence. Plus, the added advantage of other motorists being able to see the rider better makes for a safer situation for all parties involved.  

The marriage of Baja Designs and moto originates all the way back to the birth of the company in 1992. The first light produced by Baja Designs was a moto light replacement. With 30 years to develop and perfect moto lights, Baja Designs scientists have learned how to design lights that make riding as adrenaline-rushing yet safe during the night as possible.  

For more information on our XL-80 headlight kit follow this link: 
Husqvarna FE501 XL80 Light Kit

For more information about Motowhips, and to see more of their exotic builds visit their website HERE

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