Shannon Campbell, not only known for his hardcore driving, but for his innovative ideas and craftsmanship. The driving skills and determination that Campbell possesses are off the charts. The more you throw at him the more he pushes, when you think he is out he comes back and even at his worst, people still think he’s the best. Through the years Shannon has earned National Championships, DirtSports Driver of the Year, 3x King of the Hammers, the opportunity to compete side by side with his children and an Induction into the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame-Class of 2015. With all of this notoriety Shannon Campbell will always be the humble most grounded person you may ever meet.

For over 10 years, Wayland Campbell has shown his abilities as a driver and a competitor from rockcrawling, short course, desert and Ultra4 Racing. Coming from a family of racers he learned from the beginning that hard work, sportsmanship and honesty were the foundation in becoming a great driver. These things have earned him the recognition as DirtSports Rookie of the Year, Off-road Hall of Fame Rising Star, Impact Award Recipient and several podiums and Championships. Wayland brought out a new machine for the 2020 race season, along with the new car blues but even with these setbacks he knows exactly what this car is capable of and is ready for the 2021 season.

For the past 8 years, Bailey has been competing in a male dominated sport with top drivers who keep her on her toes. She has shown her determination and dedication to not only helping bring this family race team to the next level but herself as well. Since moving into an IFS car, Campbell has expanded her abilities on the racetrack and in the shop by preparing her own car, which many forget the basics of being a great racecar driver is knowing what you are driving. The last two seasons, Bailey has stepped up, taking podium finishes, Hard Charger awards and becoming the first woman in the 4400 class of Ultra4 to lead King of the Hammers. She plans to take her racing career to the top, blowing people away with her aggressive driving style and never give up attitude.