Ford F-150 Raptor (2017-2020) Stage 1 Light Bundle

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The Baja Designs "Stage 1" light bundle for the second-gen Ford F-150 Raptor (2017-2020) offers everything you need to start building your light package and hit the trails quickly. We have curated the best entry level kit that will get you light out front of your vehicle, making driving on the trails more enjoyable and safer. All of our lights are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime limited warranty for the ultimate in purchase protection.

Ford Raptor Squadron/S2 SAE “Sportsman” Fog Pocket Light Kit

The Ford Raptor 2017-2020 is a great platform that deserves an equally great light kit. That’s why Baja Designs is proud to offer the new S2 SAE "Sportsmen" fog pocket light kit designed specifically for the Ford Raptor.  Light up the trail and differentiate yourself from the pack with this kit that includes our next generation S2 SAE, Squadron Sport in driving combo, and Squadron Sport in spot configuation providing max distance.

Introducing our next light to our SAE series, the S2 SAE. Equipped with aspheric projector optics, advanced LED technology, and impressive output make it the perfect road-legal auxiliary fog light delivering an impressive 1,210 lumens per light with an output reaching up to 5712 candela (measured) at just 12.42W.  Designed to meet SAE J583 fog lamp requirements, the S2 SAE is fully compliant with road regulations and allows for a highly controlled light pattern with a sharp cutoff making them an ideal choice for driving through dust, fog, and inclement weather.  

Paired with set of Squadron Sports in spot and driving combo configurations, each producing 3,162 lumens each for the best in off-road performance that provides second gen Raptors max illumination anywhere you go. This is comprehensive kit comes with everything you need for a quick install and does not require any additional parts. Backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty* for the ultimate in purchase protection. *NOTE: uService® is NOT a feature of all SAE products. If tampered, it will void the warranty. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid only if sent back for repairs.

Fog Pocket Kit Includes:

  • (2x) Squadron Sport, Driving/Combo
  • (2x) Squadron Sport, Spot
  • (2x) S2 SAE, Clear or Amber
  • (2x) Mounting Bracket
  • (2x) Wiring Harness
  • (4x) Splitter Harness
  • All necessary mounting hardware

Squadron Sport A Pillar Light Kit 

The Baja Designs Squadron Sport A-Pillar light kit for the Ford F-150/F-150 Raptor 2017-2020 is a non-drill all-inclusive kit guaranteed to take down the night! While compact in size the Squadron Sport is equipped with a sleek black gloss aluminum housing that outshines the competition through both appearance and performance using next generation LEDs pushing out 3,162 lumens at 30 watts. This kit is perfect for anyone that is burning the midnight oil off-roading, traveling, or working. This kit includes the option for a on/off toggle or upfiiter wiring harness, a pair of Squadron Sports in Spot, and powder-coated stainless-steel brackets specific to the second-gen F-150 and F-150 Raptor. All of this is backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and Lifetime Limited Warranty for the ultimate purchase protection!

A-Pillar Kit Includes:

  • (2x) Squadron Sport Spot Clear
  • (2x) A-Pillar Mounts
  • Toggle Kit includes (1x) On/Off Toggle harness (640117)
  • Upfitter Kit includes (1x) Upfitter harness (640093) (1x) 55-inch splitter harness (613606)
  • All necessary mounting hardware

Ford Raptor S2 Sport Dual Reverse Light Kit

The Baja Designs S2 dual reverse light kit for the Ford F-150 Raptor 2017-2020 allows you to illuminate the area behind your truck, keeping you safe. This reverse kit utilizes two S2 Sport LED lights providing 1,581 raw lumens at 0.9 amps each, mounted to the underside of the rear bumper. The S2 in wide cornering is an awesome solution for producing a wide spread of light with some distance behind your vehicle to illuminate zone 8. Whether you're backing down a trail, or backing into a camp spot these lights will be sure to illuminate the task at hand. This kit includes a pair of S2 Sport in wide cornering, all necessary mounting hardware, wiring harness and splitter.

Reverse Kit Includes:

  • (2x) S2 Sport Wide Cornering Clear
  • (1x) Wiring harness (640099)
  • (1x) 55-inch splitter harness (613606)
  • All necessary mounting hardware



Ford F-150 Raptor 2017-2020
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