Replacement Lenses

Replacement Lenses: Car Light Lens Repair Kits

For over 25 years, Baja Design has been an innovative force within the off-road lighting industry. We’ve been at the forefront of creating LED lighting products that are different. This includes replaceable lenses and optics. Whereas other off-road LED lighting has needed to be completely replaced when it’s been cracked, damaged or scratched, Baja Designs offers uService®, a replacement lens alternative that makes a whole lot of sense. Our selection of replacement lens LED light kits allows you to swap out damaged lenses for new lenses. In turn, our replacement LED light options offer a solution that both reduces waste and is easier on your budget.

Replacement Lens Kits for LED Lights

We offer off-road vehicle lens repair kits in a wide range of proprietary optics in different patterns, colors and sizes to make swapping out damaged lenses quick and easy. These lens kits are also ideal to customize your off-road LED light setup and to apply our individual Lighting Zones. This lets you take your specific needs into account to accommodate your preferred performance, unique terrain conditions, and personal preference.

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Convenient and Economical All-in-One Kits

Each one of our replacement lens kits includes what’s needed to quickly replace the lens on your vehicle’s lighting, including the lens and our unique O-rings seals. Our O-ring seals make Baja Designs LED lights rainproof, dustproof, submersible, waterproof, and washable.

Baja Designs: The Scientists of Lighting

Our replacement lenses are made with the best components, as many of our parts are sourced from U.S. suppliers in order to support our national industry. Baja Designs also offers fantastic tech and customer support. We’re dedicated to being brighter, bolder, and better. As The Scientists of Lighting, we stand behind our products. Customer satisfaction is at the core of who we are as a company. Contact us if you have any questions.