Marine Lighting

Baja Designs carries a huge selection of weather-resistant LED marine lights. Our marine LEDs and LED light bars are IP69K certified, which means they are safe to submerge up to nine feet. Our marine LED lights also come equipped with MoistureBlock, an innovative new technology from Baja Designs that completely stops water from wicking its way up the cord and into the LED light. All that adds up to total protection from the elements, more fun, and more safety during your next boating adventure. 

There are several advantages to using LED marine lighting kits on your boat instead of halogen or incandescent bulbs. LEDs are extremely bright, but they use very little battery power. They also don't emit any UV rays, which will damage your boat's paint. LED lights run cool compared to halogens and incandescents, so the risk of burn injuries is decreased. Finally, LED lights are much tougher than halogens or incandescents, so they'll last much longer than standard bulbs. This last feature is especially important in a marine environment, because boats constantly experience vibration and the impact of waves.

We carry a wide range of marine lighting products. Choose surface-mount or flush-mount in 2- or 4-LED enclosures. You can also choose spotlights, work lights, or combos. All of our marine enclosures come in white, and all are IP169K certified.

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