Your stock setup is probably just fine — as long as you stay off public roads and ride during the day. That sounds pretty limiting, doesn't it? At Baja Designs, we carry motorcycle lighting systems and dual-sport kits specifically designed for your Honda CRF or XR. Our motorcycle lighting systems range from dual-mode (high/low) LED headlights designed for street use to high-performance handlebar-mounted light bars that transform your bike into 24-hour trail machine.

Honda Motorcycle Lighting

Since these kits are designed specifically for Honda motorcycles, most are plug-and-play, ready to go. Some of our universal kits will require a bit of modification and buyer-innovation to make them trail-ready.

Our full dual-sport light kits come with everything you need for highway use (check the laws in your state), including a horn, taillight, signals, and a plate-mounting bracket. Some states require high/low beam headlights and DOT-approved tires. Check with your inspection station to see what's required.

Honda Dual Sport Kit/Enduro Reference Chart

Honda Stator Reference Chart for Race light