Dodge LED Light Kits

Most automobile manufacturers design their OEM lighting systems to meet government regulations for lighting. This level of illumination is fine for driving around the city. However, it's less-than-ideal at 70MPH on a two-lane country highway, and it's completely inadequate for nighttime off-road use.

Don't settle for factory headlights — you have automotive lighting options. We offer a wide range of Dodge lighting upgrades for your Ram 1500, Ram 2500, or Ram 3500 pickup, 4x4, or PreRunner. Along with industry-leading LED auxiliary lighting for trucks, we carry Dodge-specific mounting brackets and hardware for a clean, durable, professional-quality installation.

In addition to Dodge-specific light mounting systems and hardware, Baja Designs carries a wide variety of LED truck light bars and pods for Dodge Ram 4x4s and PreRunners. You can also choose between white and amber lenses, as well as spot, flood, or combo configurations.