Looking to represent Baja Designs as a sponsored rider or driver? Write us a proposal on what you believe to be reasons why a partnership would be valuable to both parties! 

-Provide year, make and model of the vehicle.

-Provide what marketing assets you will be able to produce.

-What events you will be attending in the year if any.

-Past race results if race vehicle.

-Current Hi-Res photos of the vehicle.

-Social Media outlets or websites.

-What type of product you are requesting and quantity.

-Would we be aloud to use your vehicle for our planned events?


Once completed feel free to shoot us an email at Sponsorships@bajadesigns.com.

(Note: We're not here to dish out free product and there is a criteria that you will be subjected to.)







Have one of the following vehicles and looking for lights? You may be eligible for a sponsorship position:






Trim Level