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2021 Ford Raptor Light Kits [ Order Today ]

The Best Ford Bronco Lighting Solutions
We have produced a new 30-second video that showcases our lighting solutions for the new 2021 Ford Bronco. Feel free to share and use on your website product pages, blog, and social content.
Install Video: Can-Am X3 Light Kits
The Can-Am X3 is one of the most popular Side X Sides on the market, and we have produced an install video of three of our lighting solutions for this UTV. OnX6+ Shock Mount Kit, S1 Headlight Kit, and XL Linkable roof kit. Feel free to share and use on your website product pages, blog, and social content.
Video: Lighting Zones Overview
This is our introduction video to understanding the Baja Designs Lighting Zones. We give a brief overview of all the zones. Feel free to share and use on your website product pages, blog, and social content.
Team Baja Designs Athletes
Our Baja Designs team is comprised of racers, enthusiasts and riders that all have a common goal, to have the best lights on their vehicles. Meet our team now.
Jeep Beach 2022
Moistureblock | What Makes Baja Designs
1-of-1: Motowhips FE501 Husqvarna “Perfect Storm”


Smiles for miles😁 @sam_mcnees reppin' our Honda 450L Squadron Pro/S2 Sport Headlight Kit💡
✅ Hi/Lo Function
✅ Plug and Play
✅ 6,030 Lumens

🛵: @sam_mcnees 
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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A little #tbt to racing in Vegas with @amanda.sorensen12 🎰 From ripping up the streets to terrorizing the desert this girl does it all🤘

🏎️: @amanda.sorensen12 
Lighting Package📦 50" OnX6 Racer Edition, x2 20" OnX6+, x2 XL Racers, X2 XL80
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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I think it is safe to say Travis loves the LP series🤩 With a combined 145,000 lumens you are going to need to put some sunglasses on when this beast comes barreling at you😎What build would you put this lighting package on?💡

Photo📸: @carlisuspension 
Lighting Featured⚡ x7 LP6s, x4 LP9s, x2 XL80, x2 Squadron Pros
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Now this is a #frontendfriday to rule them all👑 @madpews showing off his fresh 4runner redesign👀 Who else thinks 4Runners should come stock on 37s?

🚙: @madpews
Lighting Featured⚡ 30" S8, x2 XL80, X2 Squadron Pro, x2 S1, x2 s2 pro, XL Linkable Prinsu Roof Rack Kit
#BrighterBolderBetter #BajaDesigns #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Moisture Block is the technology that makes our lights water proof, dust proof, and  submergible up to 8 feet🎣 These features are result of our O-ring seal and power cord design👀 All and all these features allow for our lights to be brighter, bolder, better💡

The science behind Baja Designs🧑‍🔬
☑️ Moisture Block
✅ uService
✅ Clear View
✅ Copper Drive
✅Day Light

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#BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting #BajaDesigns
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The OnX6+ line is for the enthusiast looking to pack a punch🥊
✅31,910 lumens
✅high-low feature
✅straight or arced options
What vehicle would you put this bar on?🤔

📸: @matsulinex 
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#BajaDesigns #TheScientistsOfLighting #BrighterBolderBetter
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@lawndartdesign is a mastermind when it comes to his attention to detail🧠 This new Bronco build is no different. Equipped with our Ford Bronco Fog Pocket Kit get ready to go enjoy some nighttime adventures🏜️

🐴/📸 @lawndartdesign 
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Prerunner? Tow Pig? Overlander? What would you call this dirt road destroyer?🏜️

🚗 @the_good_left_und0ne 
Lighting package⚡ x6 Squadron Pro, 30" OnX6+
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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It's #motomonday and this rocket is ready for take off🚀 With 4,600 lumens our Husqvarna XL Pro Headlight Kit packs some heat🔥 

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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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The stoke levels are high🤘
Who else is ready to go have some fun this weekend?🏔

🚐: @slatertrout 
Lighting Featured⚡️x7 LP9, x2 S2 Pro
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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@brycemenzies knows that sometimes less is more when it comes to lighting💡
The LP4 is the smallest light in our LP lineup but still maintains all the power and features as its siblings💪
✅ Amber backlight
✅ 8,750 lumens
✅ 200-degree spread

🏁: @brycemenzies
Tap that ⛓️LINK IN BIO⛓️ to learn more
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Being able to service your own equipment is a necessity when out on the trail or back home in your garage. Baja Designs set out to make a light that is easily serviceable is the core mission behind our uService® technology

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Making sure the elements don’t damage the internals of your performance lights first and every light we produce works in the worst of conditions is core of our exclusive MoistureBlock™ technology.

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ClearView™ is our proprietary optics, which are computer designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers who have first-hand knowledge of the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders.

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