We have seen the custom bezels, but what exactly is BDX?

Baja Designs has been at the front of the off-road lighting industry since the early 1990s. Tireless and constant innovation has led to BD being recognized as The Scientists of Lighting. We have used Baja racing, and our time in the desert to validate products long before they come to public market. This is a method that we are proud of, but not one that we have made public over the years. Sharing glimpses of these special BDX lights with the public before launch is our way of finally bringing this practice into the public eye. We want everyone else to share the excitement that we at Baja Designs have when we have new technology out in the field.

Baja Designs BDX

Is BDX a specific product that is coming to market? 

Yes and no. There are cases in which we are testing a complete housing, with circuitry and form factor exactly as it will be launched to the public. Often times however, we are testing individual components such as optics or single LEDS. For the most part, at this stage we have already determined this new tech of integration into the BD product line, but we are looking for final data and input from our very best drivers. These final testing stages give us an opportunity to see how the components hold up in the field, and how well they function in real world driving applications.

When can I get this new technology for myself? 

Well, it all depends. For the most part, you can expect to see these innovations made available within 4-6 months of public testing, but we won’t always be able to provide a timeline. It isn’t because we are being secretive. There are just a lot of moving pieces when it comes to making these kinds of updates and we want to focus on making sure they are a hit right out of the gate.

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