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Do you have a website or blog related to off-road, overlanding and adventure? If so, join the Baja Designs® affiliate program. 

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Why Partner with Baja Designs®

Baja Designs is the leader in the off-road lighting industry, making the best lights on the market today. We have done that through rigorous real-world testing and back that up with countless wins in off-road racing. That has resulted in 30 years of research in off-road lighting, from exploring Baja on dual sport motorcycles to driving 130mph through the night with 1000hp Trophy Trucks, we have learned a lot through the years. Baja Designs has a rich history and groundbreaking contributions to the world of off-road racing. Founded in 1992 by Alan Roach, a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and engineer, Baja Designs emerged as a pioneer in the field of high-performance lighting for off-road vehicles.

Initially, Baja Designs focused on creating lighting systems specifically tailored for off-road motorcycles that participated in grueling desert racing events like the legendary Baja 1000, which we have won five-years in a row. In those early days, they recognized the importance of reliable and powerful lighting in rugged outdoor environments, where visibility can make a significant difference in performance and safety.

Baja Designs made a significant breakthrough when they introduced the first LED light bar in off-road racing. This innovation revolutionized the industry, as LED technology offered unmatched brightness, energy efficiency, and durability. This pioneering move firmly established Baja Designs as a trailblazer in advanced lighting solutions for off-road enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Since then, Baja Designs has continued to expand its product range, catering to a wide variety of off-road vehicles such as trucks, ATVs, UTVs, and even marine applications. Their commitment to innovative design and relentless pursuit of excellence has made their lighting products highly sought after by those who venture off the beaten path.

Today, Baja Designs is renowned for its cutting-edge and durable lighting solutions, including light bars, auxiliary lights, headlights, and fog lights. Whether it’s conquering rugged terrains, exploring remote trails, or competing in intense off-road races, their products provide the utmost reliability, performance, and safety.

Baja Designs has truly earned its reputation as a leading brand in the off-road lighting industry. Their products have become indispensable to off-road enthusiasts, professional racers, and outdoor adventurers who rely on powerful illumination to navigate challenging environments with confidence.

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