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Vehicle Features
Vehicle Features
Baja-Ready Ram 2500
Jason Denny's minimalist Baja-ready 2018 Ram 2500 is a testament to purposeful design and versatility. From weekend camping to rock crawler towing, its dual-purpose functionality shines. Embracing a "less is more" philosophy, akin to Baja Designs ethos, the build exemplifies thoughtful lighting choices tailored to needs. Built for quick weekend camping adventures and serving as a tow rig for his Toyota rock crawler, Jason Denny's minimalist Baja-ready 2018 Ram 2500 boasts dual-purpose functionality that makes it an incredible truck. While the philosophical approach of "less is more" yields minimalist design ethos results, it mirrors the similar approach we have at Baja Designs and sPOD. While it might be effortless to buy every light in our catalog and throw it on the roof of the truck, we believe it's not just about having the brightest or the most lights, but about using the right lights in the right way, tailored to your needs. Let's take a closer look to see what makes this minimalist Ram 2500 build so exceptional. Jason's Ram 2500 started out as a stock truck despite its appearance as an AEV Prospector XL. Although not a factory AEV Prospector, it is equipped with all the necessary equipment to match its function. Outfitted with updated steering geometry and an AEV 3" lift, it includes the relocation of the spring and forward axle movement to accommodate 40" Toyo tires. The truck is even equipped with fender flares and an AEV snorkel. The custom Baja-inspired front bumper, crafted by Kalil Fabrication, is equipped with four Baja Designs LP6s illuminating Lighting Zones 1-5, along with two amber S2 Pros for cornering lights in Zones 1 and 2. For nearfield fog lights and off-road illumination, Jason opted for a set of amber Baja Designs Squadron Sports in Zone 3. Jason's camping style is minimalistic, featuring a Dometic fridge, a few chairs, and sleeping bags in the back for an easy camping experience with the Go Fast Camper. To further enhance the minimalist design ethos of the build, Baja Designs Dome lights are mounted on the GFC interior roll bar, providing Zone 8 cargo lighting. For campfire evenings or late-night rock crawler work, two Baja Designs S1 Work/Scene lights in Zone 1 create the perfect camp area illumination. The Ram is not equipped with an elaborate dual battery setup; instead, a solar panel on the roof powers a Yeti 1500x for the fridge and other accessories. To manage all the lighting on the truck, a sPOD BantamX with a touchscreen is installed in the cab. While the option exists to run two switch panels with one mounted in the camper, Jason utilized the sPOD Bantam app to control everything from his phone while he was in the camper. Jason Denny's minimalist Baja-ready 2018 Ram 2500 epitomizes purposeful design and adaptability, shining as a dual-purpose marvel capable of weekend camping and Toyota rock crawler towing. Embracing the "less is more" ethos akin to Baja Designs and sPOD, the build showcases astute lighting choices tailored to specific needs.
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S2 SAE – Setting the New Standard in Road-Legal Fog Lights
When Baja Designs launched the S2 in 2012, we set the standard for a compact performance off-road LED light. Achieving exceptionalism has been our journey ever since, and now we strive to set a new standard in performance lighting yet again with the Baja Designs S2 SAE, the next evolution of our SAE road-legal fog light lineup. S2 SAE Features 1210 Lumens per light Aspheric projector optics Plug-and-play solutions for many OEM fog lights Highly controlled light pattern with sharp cutoffs Available in both amber and clear Sold as a pair starting at $289.95 Size and Versatility The Baja Designs S2 set the stage for a compact light; at only 2.93" big, the S2 is one of the most versatile lights in our lineup. It can be used for driving, fog, cargo, and even chase lights. The S2 SAE takes this versatility even further, with its SAE-compliant design allowing it to fit virtually anywhere on a vehicle. The S2 SAE will be sold as a pair starting at $289.95 with universal mounting hardware and standard wiring harness. Power The Baja Designs S2 SAE delivers an impressive 1,210 lumens per light at a power consumption of only 12.42W. Utilizing advanced LED technology and aspheric projector optics, the S2 SAE provides controlled, sharp cutoffs for optimal visibility on the road while meeting SAE J583 fog requirements while being available in either clear or amber. The S2 SAE brings the highest level of road-legal performance for your vehicle in a compact size, no matter the conditions. Projector Optic Technology The Baja Designs S2 SAE incorporates technology from the all-new Next-generation Squadron SAE, utilizing aspheric projector optics for a controlled sharp cutoff that keeps the light beam pattern low and out of the eyes of oncoming traffic. This technology is relatively new to Baja Designs, as we traditionally control our off-road light patterns through a reflector and our Clearview optics for a vertical and horizontal spread.  To ensure you have the right lights for the right application. The S2 SAE is intended as road-legal fog light and for those who seek an off-road driving light we recommend the S2 Pro or Sport models. For that reason, we created ultimate utilization of performance lighting and road legal performance, we have paired the S2 SAE with our off-road S2 lights on the 2017-2020 Ford F150 Raptor and 2021-203 Ford Bronco kits. Vehicle Specific Integration  Our S2 LED Light Kits are designed to mount seamlessly into various vehicles without major modification. Each Baja Designs S2 SAE light kit comes with everything you need for a clean and simple installation, including mounting brackets, wiring, harness, and necessary hardware. We create simple and practical lighting solutions so you can spend less time in the garage and more time driving. We have taken our iconic kits that utilize the Baja Designs S2 Sport and Pro and now optioned with the S2 SAE to make our vehicle-specific fog light options 100% road legal when paired with the 2021-2020 Ford Raptor and 2021-2023 Ford Bronco. 2021-2022 Ford Bronco The Ford Bronco is a great platform that deserves an equally great light kit. That's why we are proud to offer the new S2 SAE "Sportsmen" and S2 SAE "Pro" fog pocket light kit designed specifically for the factory Bronco Steel Bumper. This kit includes our S2 SAE, S2 Sport in driving combo, and Squadron Sport in spot configuration, providing max distance, and if you are looking to upgrade this kit even further, it is available in a pro configuration as well for both road-legal performance and off-road performance. 2019-2023 Ram 2500 & 3500 The Ram 2500/3500' 19- Baja Designs S2 SAE kit specifically designed for these RAM trucks replacing the OEM halogen factory fog lamp. 2019-2023 Ram TRX and Rebel  The 2021-2023 RAM TRX and Rebel Baja Designs S2 SAE kits seamlessly replace the factory fog light housings using four S2 SAE. These specialized brackets have been meticulously crafted to effortlessly integrate into your vehicle's existing light pods, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience. 2017 - 2020 Ford F150 Raptor  The 2017-2010 Ford f150 Raptor Squadron S2 SAE "Sportsmen" and Squadron S2 SAE "Pro" fog pocket light kit was designed specifically for the factory second-generation Raptor bumper. This kit includes our S2 SAE, Squadron Sport in driving combo, and Squadron Sport in spot configuration, providing max distance, and if you are looking to upgrade your lighting kit, it is available in a pro configuration as well for both road-legal performance and off-road performance. 2021 - 2023 Ford F150 Raptor The SAE Fog light kit for the 2021+ Ford F150 Raptor from Baja Designs allows you to mount four S2 SAE lights in place of the factory fog light housings offered on the 37 Package and Raptor R. These application-specific brackets were designed to be a drop-in replacement of the factory light pods.  2022- 2024 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia  The SAE Fog light kit for the 2022+ Toyota Tundra and Sequoia from Baja Designs allows you to mount four S2 SAE lights in place of the factory fog light housings. These application-specific brackets were designed to install using factory mounting points where no cutting or drilling is required. Experience the Baja Designs S2 SAE  Whether you're driving through foggy coastal roads or navigating dusty off-road trails, Baja Designs has you covered with our S2 SAE. Experience the highest level of road-legal performance and enjoy unmatched versatility and reliability in a compact package. Visit our website for more information and to find the perfect S2 SAE light kit for your vehicle. Backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty, the Baja Designs S2 SAE is the perfect compact light for road-legal fog light. Don't get caught in the dark without the safety of Baja Designs and the new S2 SAE lights on your vehicle.  *NOTE: uService® is NOT a feature of all SAE products. If tampered, it will void the warranty. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid only if sent back for repairs.
Effective Lighting Score (ELS™)
We’ve created “Effective Lighting Score (ELS™)” for one reason; to better describe lighting performance in the off-road space.Learn about the four key factors of ELS™: Blend Angle / Blendability / Distance / Output
S1 Hitch Light Kit
With a trailer hitch harness or toggle switch version to choose from the S1 Hitch Light Kit is a powerful and versatile lighting solution for outdoor enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. This compact system uses an S1 LED light, mounted in a durable Meso Customs hitch that easily attaches to any standard 2-inch hitch receiver.
Squadron SAE Customer Upgrade Program
Baja Designs is offering upgrades to all our previous generation Squadron® SAE owners at no cost. Click here to learn more >
In 1992, Baja Designs was founded in San Diego, California with a passion and thirst for off-road. Performance-driven and race proven - Baja Designs engineers and manufacturers using only the best components available on the market today.
What separates Baja Designs from the imitators, fakes, and clones. NOT ALL LUMENS ARE CREATED EQUAL!
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Being able to service your own equipment is a necessity when out on the trail or back home in your garage. Baja Designs set out to make a light that is easily serviceable is the core mission behind our uService® technology

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Making sure the elements don’t damage the internals of your performance lights first and every light we produce works in the worst of conditions is core of our exclusive MoistureBlock™ technology.

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ClearView™ is our proprietary optics, which are computer designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers who have first-hand knowledge of the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders.

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"Way better quality than what I’ve had before. The harness is well made and even has extra connectors. That’s awesome. Thank you!"

Richard Nuno

"Excellent light pattern and installed right into factory location no modification needed"

Mark DiCesare

"I have purchased several Baja Designs lights and bars for multiple vehicles. I think you guys have the best aftermarket light options on the market, and your customer service is the best! 40", 50", squadrons, RTL, this bar, etc."

Colton Cook

"I love all my Baja Designs products and expect only the best in both quality and output, and you guys deliver every time on all fronts. Keep up the great work!"

Brandon Smith

"Put the XL80 on my supermoto and it has been FANTASTIC. Currently have 2 LP6 units on order for my Road Glide. Absolutely love Baja Designs."

Javier Arreola

"I have a 20in on my truck and a 30in on my razor. Both are very bright and reliable. They are well built, and I think they will last a long time."

Kirk Wilkerson

"Great product. Light color is far easier on the eyes than previous products purchased. This Light will be put to the test in temperatures from +30*C to -45*C, rain, mud, snow & ice in the god forsaken oilfield land of Wabasca Alberta."

Daniel Szever

"Just got them mounted and they are SUPER BRIGHT!"

Kenneth Leake

"BD lights are the best I’ve seen from both a build and performance aspect. I have three ON-X light bars on my boat, and they have performed beyond expectations. Recently, I noticed that my 30" light bar was only illuminating one of four sections, and after contacting BD and troubleshooting the issue with the tech department, it was determined to be unserviceable. After presenting my original purchase receipt, a new light bar was sent out and delivered in a very short time period. I am excited to get this mounted and look forward to many more years of service with BD lights. Thank You."

Mark Rigsby

"Fantastic company and products. Highly rated. And your customer service is second to none!"

Bryon Mayo

"Love BD. Product is well made, and lights are bright. Packaging is great with extra work to conceal contents."

Jorge Araujo

"Best decision ever made. I do most of my writing at nighttime, so this has been a godsend."

Christian Tomblin

"Absolutely love these lights, I have 3 sets of Squadrons and they are amazing. Worth every penny"

Chris Randall