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XL80 or LP4, Which is Right for You?

XL80 vs LP4 which is right for your application? Over the last few years both of these two lights have been at the forefront of LED off-road lighting, offering the highest level of performance while on the trails. While both offer superior performance, the question that always gets asked is which is better, the XL80 or the LP4?  Let's dive into these two lights to see what their differences are and answer any questions you have and which one will be the best for your application. ORDER NOW XL80 SPECS Raw Lumens: 9,022 Watts/Amps: 75.9W/5.5A Dimmable Feature (20%) IP69K (Waterproof up to 9ft & Pressure Washable) Exceeds MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing)  IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing) ELS: XL80 (Driving Combo) 62⁰/ 5.0/ 392'/ 8278 Learn more about ELS Originally released in 2015, the XL80 has provided offroad enthusiasts with intense and bold illumination while being able to provide an iconic look. The XL80 LED light boosts an impressive 9,022 total raw lumens per light rated at 5.5 amps. This allows the XL80 to have a more intense illumination through lighting zones 1-4.  Some highlighted features are powerful LEDs for heightened visibility, amplifying brightness, and introducing versatility to any lighting configuration. It also comes equipped with a high/low functionality, with the low dimmed 20 percent for adjustable lighting. Always working to improve our lights, the latest model of the XL80 has since been updated in 2022 with next generation LED technology that provides 18% greater distance and intensity over the original model.  Durability is always a priority as powder-coating the housing and anodizing the bezel allows our lights to withstand the harsh elements they encounter. ORDER NOW LP4 SPECS Total Raw Lumens: 8,857 IPT Raw Lumens: 1,972 Watts/Amps: 75.9W/5.5A Direct Ducted Cooling (DDC) Multiple color backlights available (Amber, Red, Blue, Green) IP69K (Waterproof up to 9ft & Pressure Washable) Exceeds MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing)  IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing) ELS: LP4 (Driving Combo) 136⁰/7.5/395'/6686 Learn more about ELS Released in 2020, the LP4 Pro provides enthusiasts with a bold and modern look illuminating zones 1-4 and reaching into zone 5. The combination of next-generation LEDs provides an impressive 8,857 total raw lumens per light rated each at 5.5 Amps. While the LP4 does not come equip with a high/low feature like the XL80, it does come with our Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) LEDs which give 200 degrees spread of light and Directed Ducted Cooling (DDC) which allows airflow to travel through the light for improved cooling and performance. The light comes with Baja Designs' iconic amber backlight and is also available in red, blue, and green. The full powder-coated housing of the LP4 gives it a sleek and modern look. When placing the LP4 in the A-Piller or ditch light configuration, we recommend our IPT reflector covers to avoid glare running into the cabin. The IPTs of the LP4 have been designed to provide up to 200 degrees of spreadable light, and this additional spread of light spills onto the hood and reflects into the cab creating a ‘glaring’ effect on drivers. We have solved this issue for those who choose to mount the LP4 Pro in the a-pillar configuration with our IPT covers mounted to block the inner IPT, preventing glare inside the cab and hood allowing enthusiasts to utilize the LP4 glare-free. To read our blog about why we recommend the IPT blocker when using the LP4 as an a-pillar light HERE. While both lights have different features they also have a lot of features that are the same. While the XL80 and LP4 use different LEDs, they use the same reflectors for increased distance and performance.  Changing a damaged lens and customizing your light pattern on both the XL80 and the LP4 Pro is made easy with our patented uService technology. Which one is for you? So in conclusion, which one is better depends on what enthusiasts are looking for in a lighting package. Do you need the extra intensity or the extra peripheral lighting?  While both the XL80 and the LP4 have been the most compared light in our lineup, they both offer a similar performance while offering their own unique features and look. Regardless of which solution you plan on going with both lighting solutions have been proven in the world's toughest environment and tested in some of the biggest stages in the world, including the Baja 1000. We have been creating top-tier light solutions for over years 30 years so rest a sure whichever light you go with we have you covered. Do you have questions that we can help with? Reach out to our customer service department at info@bajadesigns.com
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Factory Amber Lens Replacement Kits

You Asked, We Listened At Baja Designs, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether racing through the desert or driving down a snowy road at night, we offer the perfect lighting solutions for your needs. Baja Designs, the Scientists of Lighting, is proud to announce the introduction of our “Factory Amber Lens Replacement Kits.” These kits are tailored for those who favor the darker amber temperature during low-visibility driving conditions, while seamlessly complementing the hue of your OEM running lights. The true amber color of the lenses is best utilized in snowy, low-visibility conditions and increases depth perception. Each Factory Amber lens kit includes a high-quality O-ring, providing exceptional protection against moisture and dust intrusion, just like our current lens options. Factory Amber vs. Baja Amber (which one is right for you?) Factory Amber: This replacement lens option is crafted to match the OEM running lights found on vehicles today seamlessly. Factory Amber provides a color temperature best utilized in low-visibility conditions to increase depth perception while minimizing glare. Factory Amber light output. Baja Amber: This performance-driven lens is specifically designed for off-road driving in challenging conditions such as dust, rain, snow, or fog. The Baja Amber lens minimizes glare, enhancing visibility and significantly improving your driving experience. Baja Amber light output SHOP LENS KITS  Don’t know where to start? Let our trained customer service team help guide you into the right lighting kit for your application. For the ultimate in purchase protection, all Baja Designs lights are backed by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime limited warranty giving you piece of mind. To start your light kit today, visit www.bajadesigns.com.
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Ford Super Duty Bull Bar Light Kits

Baja Designs, the Scientists of Lighting, introduces bull bar light kits for the 2023-on Ford F250/350 Super Duty trucks. Designed to complement the aggressive, no-nonsense styling of these work trucks, our Bull bar has been specifically engineered around the 2023-on Ford Super Duty, giving enthusiasts the perfect provision to add performance lighting solutions to their vehicle.Enthusiasts can choose from our popular XL Series or our LP4, LP6,and LP9 options. All kits include the necessary hardware and wiring to make installation quick and easy. Backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Limited Warranty for the ultimate in-purchase protection. Choose from our standard toggle harness or upfitter harness that allows users to wire into the stock Upfitter switches. Choose from the following light options: (x6) XL Sport - (3,162 raw lumens ea./ 30W/2.2A) (x6) XL Pro - (4,095 raw lumens ea./ 41W/3A) (x6) XL80 - (9,022 raw lumens ea./ 75W/5.5A) (x6) LP4 Pro - (8857 total raw lumens ea./ 75.9W/5.5A) (x5) LP6 Pro - (11,225 total raw lumens ea./ 103W/7.5A) (x4) LP9 Pro – (12,547 raw lumens ea. /124W/9A) All Kits will come with: Bull Bar Wiring Harnesses All necessary mounting hardware SHOP NOW Don’t know where to start? Let our trained customer service team help guide you into the right lighting kit for your application.  For the ultimate in purchase protection, all Baja Designs lights are backed by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime limited warranty giving you piece of mind. 
Effective Lighting Score (ELS™)
We’ve created “Effective Lighting Score (ELS™)” for one reason; to better describe lighting performance in the off-road space.Learn about the four key factors of ELS™: Blend Angle / Blendability / Distance / Output
S1 Hitch Light Kit
With a trailer hitch harness or toggle switch version to choose from the S1 Hitch Light Kit is a powerful and versatile lighting solution for outdoor enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. This compact system uses an S1 LED light, mounted in a durable Meso Customs hitch that easily attaches to any standard 2-inch hitch receiver.
Squadron SAE Customer Upgrade Program
Baja Designs is offering upgrades to all our previous generation Squadron® SAE owners at no cost. Click here to learn more >
In 1992, Baja Designs was founded in San Diego, California with a passion and thirst for off-road. Performance-driven and race proven - Baja Designs engineers and manufacturers using only the best components available on the market today.
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Being able to service your own equipment is a necessity when out on the trail or back home in your garage. Baja Designs set out to make a light that is easily serviceable is the core mission behind our uService® technology

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Making sure the elements don’t damage the internals of your performance lights first and every light we produce works in the worst of conditions is core of our exclusive MoistureBlock™ technology.

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ClearView™ is our proprietary optics, which are computer designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers who have first-hand knowledge of the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Way better quality than what I’ve had before. The harness is well made and even has extra connectors. That’s awesome. Thank you!"

Richard Nuno

"Excellent light pattern and installed right into factory location no modification needed"

Mark DiCesare

"I have purchased several Baja Designs lights and bars for multiple vehicles. I think you guys have the best aftermarket light options on the market, and your customer service is the best! 40", 50", squadrons, RTL, this bar, etc."

Colton Cook

"I love all my Baja Designs products and expect only the best in both quality and output, and you guys deliver every time on all fronts. Keep up the great work!"

Brandon Smith

"Put the XL80 on my supermoto and it has been FANTASTIC. Currently have 2 LP6 units on order for my Road Glide. Absolutely love Baja Designs."

Javier Arreola

"I have a 20in on my truck and a 30in on my razor. Both are very bright and reliable. They are well built, and I think they will last a long time."

Kirk Wilkerson

"Great product. Light color is far easier on the eyes than previous products purchased. This Light will be put to the test in temperatures from +30*C to -45*C, rain, mud, snow & ice in the god forsaken oilfield land of Wabasca Alberta."

Daniel Szever

"Just got them mounted and they are SUPER BRIGHT!"

Kenneth Leake

"BD lights are the best I’ve seen from both a build and performance aspect. I have three ON-X light bars on my boat, and they have performed beyond expectations. Recently, I noticed that my 30" light bar was only illuminating one of four sections, and after contacting BD and troubleshooting the issue with the tech department, it was determined to be unserviceable. After presenting my original purchase receipt, a new light bar was sent out and delivered in a very short time period. I am excited to get this mounted and look forward to many more years of service with BD lights. Thank You."

Mark Rigsby

"Fantastic company and products. Highly rated. And your customer service is second to none!"

Bryon Mayo

"Love BD. Product is well made, and lights are bright. Packaging is great with extra work to conceal contents."

Jorge Araujo

"Best decision ever made. I do most of my writing at nighttime, so this has been a godsend."

Christian Tomblin

"Absolutely love these lights, I have 3 sets of Squadrons and they are amazing. Worth every penny"

Chris Randall