Baja Designs & The Rip To Cabo

Baja Designs & The Rip To Cabo


The Baja Peninsula is one of the most beautiful, punishing places on earth. It extends about 775 miles south of California to Los Cabos. This 55,000-square-mile peninsula is home to four different desert regions. The Baja Peninsula is also the perfect setting for the Rip to Cabo — a perfect mix of fun, adventure, and grueling riding. The ride includes about 40 riders, led by Cameron Steele, 5-time off-road champion and leader of the Desert Assassins.


Interested? Sign up! The Desert Assassins will review your application and invite you if they think you have what it takes to ride the Rip to Cabo.


Baja Designs is a proud sponsor of The Rip to Cabo. We've been at the forefront of motorcycle lighting kit systems innovation for more than 20 years, and we spend the majority of our testing time in Baja. In fact, Baja Design’s off-road LED lights and HID adventure bike lighting systems have won every professional and amateur motorcycle Baja 1000 class award for more than 15 years! We're stoked to have Cameron Steele and the Rip to Cabo gang's endorsement, and we're super proud that our lighting systems will be there. In fact, you'll find Baja Designs LEDs on each and every Rip to Cabo bike.


To get into the action, visit us at or check out the action on ABC's "World of X-Games."

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