Bestop Premium Accessories Group


Just inside the front door to Bestop Global Headquarters, in a brightly lit lobby that spotlights a lifted, muscular Jeep® Wrangler, is a vibrant yellow wall. Printed on that wall, in bold black letters, is a reminder of why we exist. 


Those words on our wall define us, and we walk past them every day. They are why we lab test products through the equivalent of many seasons in single 24-hour period. They are why our Customer Service Team is here to answer your phone calls 12 hours a day, including Saturdays (Sundays are for wheeling!). They are why we travel to more than 50 far-flung, remote off-roading events a year to see and hear what is energizing our community.

Those words also reinforce our goal: to inspire you. Because, in the end, you are the reason we get to wake up every day and apply our passion to building products. 

You are the reason for our journey. A journey that began with Bestop nearly seven decades ago, and has grown from there, as we have pushed ourselves in new directions, through barriers and past old paradigms, in pursuit of this vision to serve you.

Five years ago, Bestop hit reset on our direction. Very few long-standing companies are willing to do this. By many accounts, Bestop was already among an elite group of industry leaders, and our soft tops continued to set the standard for open-air, driving fun. The temptation always exists to stay in our comfort zones. To do what comes naturally. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is what they say. But that is not how greatness is achieved. 

We saw both a need and an opportunity. To be better. To help driving enthusiasts even more. To inspire greater, farther, and more fun adventures. 

What if we could bring together the most premium products and make it easier for you to find them, learn about them, and enjoy them? 

So Bestop embarked on a quest to assemble a portfolio of leading brands from across the off-road driving spectrum. Picture this as a Dream Team of performance brands that are pioneers, innovators and visionaries in their respective areas. The cream of the crop.

We did it all to deliver the ultimate product to those seeking driving adventure. And the best consumer-focused service. And the best value. 

First, Baja Designs joined the Bestop Premium Accessories Group. Known widely as “The Scientists of Lighting”, Baja Designs had been the technology of choice for off-road UTV racers tackling the most grueling endurance events on the planet (Think dune buggies barreling through the dark barren landscape of the Baja Peninsula). Soon, Baja Designs’ LED lights began appearing on more and more other vehicles, including Jeep® and trucks. 

Bestop soon welcomed PRP Seats to the team. PRP was already well-known as the must-have seats and seat covers on the off-road racing circuit. Custom-built to stand up to brutal conditions, PRP products soon found a home with other off-roading fans. And, as a big-time bonus, PRP Seats also brought two other innovative, premium brands to the Bestop Premium Accessories Group: Status Racing and Speedstrap. 

In our time on and off the trail, Bestop recognized that storage can sometimes be a challenge – especially secure storage. Tuffy Security Products fill that need with their industry-leading underseat, cargo area, and other storage containers for a wide spectrum of vehicles, from trucks to SUVs to Jeeps to UTVs and more. It says a lot when law enforcement trusts your product, and Tuffy security products may be the most heavy-duty, trusted products that you never see (because they’re out of sight, keeping your important belongings safe). 

In our own driving adventures, we began seeing more and more soft top bed covers for trucks. We started asking around. 

These tops had an avid following and made the truck owner’s experience even better (that’s what countless truck owners told us themselves). The versatility of the top set it apart. Need covered storage for your tools that will keep them dry? Leave the top up. Need to create some space for your dirt bikes to stand tall in the truck bed? Easily fold the top down. Need a place to camp or find shelter from the rain? Keep the top up and climb right in. Enter Softopper, one of the newest members of Bestop Premium Accessories Group. Softopper makes the industry’s leading soft top cover for truck beds and is synonymous with quality, versatility, and trust. 

Today, Bestop Premium Accessories Group includes some of the most premium driving accessories manufacturers in the world. And this family continues to grow. Because your driving adventures never end. And, as we’re reminded every time we read those words on that wall, we are here to help you to enjoy those driving adventures. 

We hope that you will join us for this exciting ride.

BPAG Family of Brands