Yamaha TTR230 Motorcycle Lighting Kits

Baja Designs offers LED motorcycle light kits for the Yamaha TTR230 dirt bikes. These kits are designed for enthusiasts to extend their ride time, increase nighttime safety while providing daytime awareness. Each baja Designs LED lighting kit is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty for the ultimate in purchase protection.


Can you add a headlight to a dirt bike?

Your motorcycle will need to have enough power to run our Baja Designs lights. You will also need to know which power output your motorcycle has, A/C or D/C power. All Baja Designs lights require D/C power to work. Motorcycles use what is called a stator to produce electrical power. A stator is made up of a steel core with coils of copper wire wrapped around it and wires connecting to the electrical system and a magnet (usually called a flywheel) spinning near it to generate the electrical current. This power is used to run the motorcycle’s electrical system as the stator generates A/C current. To run our lights, which needs D/C power, you will need a regulator/rectifier to convert the A/C power from your stator to D/C and depending on the motorcycle, a stator rewind to deliver more power to run our lights.

Most modern motorcycles that use a battery and EFI will not need a regulator/rectifier to run our lights, as those systems already produce D/C power to charge the battery.

Reference our motorcycle output chart to make sure your motorcycle will be able to power our lights.  You can find our output chart in our help section HERE