Toyota Tundra Lighting Kits (22-on)

The all-new third-generation Toyota Tundra represents a bold new approach in both styling and performance from the automaker.  Make your Tundra stand out from the rest with high-power lighting kits from Baja Designs. A powerful LED system not only makes your Tundra look better, but it makes the truck safer and more fun to drive. There aren’t many upgrades that will make as big a difference in the driving experience, and none are as inexpensive and easy to install as premium LED lighting from Baja Designs

Our 2022+ Toyota Tundra kits have been designed and tested to work for all hybrid and non-hybrid models.  Our LED Light Kits for the Toyota Tundra are designed to mount cleanly to your vehicle. The best part is that your truck will keep its clean, factory-fresh look.

These LED lights are waterproof and can be mounted virtually anywhere. All that is needed is 12 volt power. They have a 180 degree optic to illuminate...

sPOD™ –  Power Management at your Fingertips

With sPOD™ power management solutions for the 2022+ Toyota Tundra, you have the ability to take control of your power accessories all in one unit. The connect and go systems have been designed to fit seamlessly into your vehicle and comes in multiple configurations to fit your needs.  From our 6-switch Mini6 SourceLT system to our 8-switch HD and touchscreen BantamX systems allows you power management when you need it.