Ford F-150 (21-On) Lighting Kits

The towering monolith of chrome that forms the business end of the 2021 Ford F-150 will strike terror into the hearts of lesser truck owners, but why not make it a little more intimidating with a Baja Designs LED truck lighting system? Don’t worry — your Baja Designs LED lights will look like they came on the truck from the factory because our Ford F-150 lights and lighting kits are designed to integrate seamlessly into the body of the pickup, bathing the road in light without looking out of place. We carry a wide variety of Ford F-150 lights to choose from, so you can power through any degree of darkness with ease.

Vehicle-Specific Mounts

You can find aftermarket lights for your Ford truck just about anywhere, but they might look out of place. Baja Designs is unique in that we carry vehicle-specific mounts for your F-150 — both in the fog pockets and on the bumper. That means our lights will look like they came straight from the factory, so you can enjoy a seamless appearance and high-performance lighting all in one. Need something a little more dramatic? Our XL Linkable Bar Mount Kit provides a factory-clean mount for your new high-power 2021 F-150 light bar, and our Fog Pocket Kit puts some real power in your truck’s pre-existing fog pockets. Vehicle-specific mounts mean cleaner installations and a factory-looking finish.

Powerful Performance

Let’s face it, you’re here because you need more lighting on your pickup truck. At Baja Designs, we offer powerful performance in a compact package. Our LED Ford F-150 lighting kits are designed to deliver a serious level of lumens without taking up a lot of space. LED lamps are energy efficient and are the perfect choice for nighttime rides and off-road adventures. Take your truck deep into the darkness with powerful LED lights to show you the way home.