Lighting Zone 5 | Racer Edition Spot

This is the Racer Edition Spot light zone. These lights are designed for those that drive in the triple digits of speed off-road, or need to see thousands of feet down the road. Zone 5 lights produce an even tighter pattern than our traditional spots. Before adding lights in Zone 5, we recommend having a well balanced lighting package in order to avoid separations of spotlights due to this much tighter pattern.

Lights in Zone 5 benefit from being placed higher up on your vehicle. As the tighter overall beam from these lights help to negate what would otherwise be a concern of glare coming back into the cab. Avoid mounting Zone 5 lights too low as to not block their overall distance throw caused by rocks and brush close to the vehicle. Try to use this top mounted lights only when absolutely necessary, to avoid glare from dust and fog, excess power consumption, and eye fatigue.

Zone 5 lighting should be relative to your lighting in zones 3 and 4. Zone 5 lighting should be equal to, or more powerful than previous zones to avoid being washed out. Zone 5 are great used as search and rescue lights, as well as for other activities that require a powerful, tightly focused spotlight.

We only offer a spot pattern lens in Zone 5 lights, as they feature many components that are designed for use in distance-specific applications. Using a wider lens would be counter productive to the goal of throwing light thousands of feet down the road.

Below are the most popular Zone 5 lights:

Squadron Racer Edition Spot Clear | Amber
Starting at $269.95

XL Racer Edition Spot Clear |
Starting at $399.95

LP9 Racer Edition Spot Clear | Amber
Starting at $649.95

OnX6 Racer Edition Spot
 Clear |
Starting at $599.95

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