Maddie Wedeking

Hello, my name is Maddie Wedeking. I am a 20-year-old professional off-road racer. My passion for the desert began before I was even able to walk. I grew up exploring the Southern California deserts with my family. From bouncing around in the back seat of a Jeep, driving VW bugs, and driving RZR’s we did it all. Growing up, my dad started PRP Seats and this is what really sparked my interest in off-road racing. We traveled weekend after a weekend working trade shows and race events. I started to look up to some of the more popular racers in the industry like Bryce Menzies & Sara Price. I told myself that one day I wanted to give racing a shot. After finally convincing my dad into converting our Polaris XP 900 from a play car into a race car I’ve been hooked. After taking my first green flag, there is nothing else in life that beats the adrenaline rush of racing. 5 years later we have now won a few championships and multiple races at different levels of racing.