Stator Rewind, Honda XR650R

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We rewind these stators as dual outputs of 125w per output (2 lighting coils instead of 1) for 250w total output. When ran with one of our dual sport kits, one output is used to power the headlight exclusively on its own AC circuit. The remaining output is used to charge the battery and power the rest of the kit. If you have a new dual sport kit you must also order a relay. Does not require a flywheel puller.
This is a rewind service provided in house by Baja Designs of your OEM Stator that you send in - Our lead time is 7-10 business days.

Note: Do Not Ship stator in your crank case cover or the stator will be shipped back. Please refer to the “Stator Reference Chart” found under the Tech Info header.
Compatible Models:

  • Honda – All Years – XR650R

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