Lighting Kit, Enduro Honda CRF230 & CRF150 ("06-ON) HL/TL/BS

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Kit includes a Baja Designs headlight in red, LED taillight, brakeswitch & bracket, handlebar mounted high/low/off switch, and custom plug-in wiring harness with incorporated taillight power leads. No stator rewinding or modifications required.

Note that the stock CRF230 stator can only effectively power a 35W headlight bulb. Baja Designs can rewind the stator for more output if you wish to run a more powerful 55W bulb. Call 760.560.2252 to have this service performed.

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3.0 out of 3.0 stars
2017 Honda CRF230F-Instructions could be better-to be specific, there is no mention of what to do with the stock kill button and clutch safety switch wires, there are no provisions in the harness for the small light bulb and no mention of it at all actually.