Acewell 3962 Black Speedometer computer

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  • $319.00


Full billet aluminum dashboard replacement speedometer for your motorcycle. Includes tach/speed, odometer, double trip meter, engine temp, gear position, fuel gauge. Volt meter and more.


  Digital tachometer, speedometer, voltage meter, gear indicator, bar-temperature and fuel meter. This also features a bar graph tachometer that can be set to a scale of 8,000 or 16,000 rpm. The odometer readings are always stored even with the power off. This unit is 100% waterproof.

  FULL Aluminum LCD Motorcycle computer with advanced functionality which includes analog and digital tachometer, coolant temperature, speedometer, various trip and speed functions and clock.

  LED indicators for Hi-Beam, turn signal, neutral light and oil pressure.


Note: If you have a 90/90-21 Tire the circumference is 2,139.95 MM.

Stock KTM speedo cables will work with Acewell Speedos if the connector is changed.

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