Subaru WRX/STI Lighting Kits

Your Subaru WRX (World Rally Cross) has legitimate roots in rally racing. With its powerful turbocharged engine and all-wheel-drive, the WRX is extremely capable. The down-side is that it's also extremely capable of out-running its headlights. That means that, by the time you see a deer or a broken-down car ahead of you, it's too late to avoid hitting it.

A Baja Designs Subaru WRX/STI lighting kit solves this problem. Our Squadron LED lights, mounted with Rally Innovations' fog pocket mount kit, make it easy to get the lumens you need without ruining your car's lines or aerodynamics. Designed specifically for the WRX/STI, the Rally Innovations fog pocket mounting brackets install easily and give your custom lighting setup a subtle factory look. That is, until you turn the lights on…

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