Subaru Crosstrek XV Lighting Kits 13-15

The Subaru Crosstrek XV is the lifted, more off-road-capable version of the venerable Impreza. You can crank up those off-road capabilities even more with a Baja Designs LED lighting system. No worries about our lighting system ruining the clean look or aerodynamics of your Crosstrek, either. With Rally Innovations' Crosstrek-specific fog pocket kit, your car will maintain its clean, stock look. The lights, however, will be anything but stock.

By using the Rally Innovations fog pocket kit, you can install Baja Designs Squadron LED lights in your car's factory fog light pockets. The installation is clean, and the lumen boost is enormous. You'll spot wildlife and obstacles long before you ever could have with Subaru's factory lighting system. That makes your Crosstrek safer, more fun, and more stylish.

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