2004-2007, A/C Honda, CRF/X Squadron Sport LED Kit

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Our A/C kits allow you plug directly in to your stock lighting on the bike converting the A/C power to D/C power needed to run our lights. With these kits you will not need to perform any stator modifications!

If you are looking for an off road light that features unique styling and leading edge performance, than the Squadron Sport, LED CRF/X Kit is the light for you.  The Sport produces an impressive 3,150 lumens while only drawing 26 watts, allowing for a longer ride.  An industry first 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Warranty is included for the ultimate in purchase protection.

Baja Designs Features:
Satisfactions Guarantee – 30 Day Money Back
Limited Lifetime Warranty – Complete Purchase Protection
uService® – Replaceable Lenses And Optics
ClearView® – All The Light, Right Where You Need It.
MoistureBlock™ – Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible
CopperDrive® – Only LED Driven At 100%
5000K Daylight – Less Driver Fatigue, Natural Color



Lumens: 3,150 Utilizing 4 LEDs
Wattage/Amps: 26W / 2A
Dimensions: 3.07" x 2.77" x 3.07"
Weight: 12 ounces
LED Life Expectancy: 49,930 Hours
Front Lens: Hard Coated Polycarbonate
Housing: Powder Coated Cast Aluminum
Bezel: Billet Machined Aluminum
Hardware & Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
Exceeds MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing)
Built-In Overvoltage Protection
IP69K (Waterproof, Submersible to 9ft)
IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing)


  • Squadron Sport, LED CRF/X Kit
  • A/C to D/C Conversion



  • 2004 - 2018 CRF250X
  • 2005 - 2018 CRF450X


Driving/Combo:  Maximum trail coverage in a single light.  The Driving/Combo pattern is equipped with both Driving (10°) and Spot (9°) optics to provide you with a smooth blend of light for both near field applications and distance (Lighting Zone 3)

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  • Thursday, November 19, 2020
Incredibly bright for a stock stator setup! I bought this light for my plated 2006 CRF450X, and it is infinitely better than the stock light that was on there before! I've tried both the clear spot lens that it came with and the amber driving combo, they both throw lots of light and are great for different situations. The install is super easy, and connected straight to my pre-existing headlight switch. There's hardly any glare reflected from the front fender, but I do have black plastics installed. The included rectifier (which converts AC to DC) was originally mounted to the body of the light, but I relocated it to a different place on the triple clamp to better fit some other wires behind the headlight; the wire between the headlight and rectifier is more than long enough to do this. Also, the ability to angle the light vertically is retained by the spring loaded bolt at the bottom of the light. It is absolutely worth the price. Thank you Baja Designs!