Scion FR-S Lighting Kits

Your Scion FR-S begs to be driven hard. The classic front engine/rear-wheel drive layout is built to carve windy roads at high speeds. Unfortunately, the windy roads that are fun to drive are also a favorite of deer, moose, and all kinds of wildlife. Wildlife that can be tough to see with your Scion’s factory lighting system — wildlife that can destroy your FR-S before you know what hit you (or what you hit). 

This is where a high-powered LED lighting system makes sense. You don't need to drive your Scion very hard before you've outrun your headlights. Installing Baja Designs Squadron LED lights in your fog pockets make your car safer to drive at night and easier to drive hard. Also, our fog pocket kits are made specifically for your FR-S, so adding our LED lights won't ruin your car's lines or aerodynamics.