HID Motorcycle Lighting

Factory lighting systems are rarely adequate for night-time off-road riding. Even for dual-sport dirt bikes or adventure bikes, OEM lighting systems are specifically designed to meet DOT requirements, which can be extremely limiting. For serious off-road use, you need to upgrade your motorcycle's lighting. HID lights for motorcycles offer distinct advantages over halogen lighting — featuring much brighter beams and much lower energy consumption.

HID lights offer a few advantages over LED lights. If keeping your dirt bike street legal, HID lights may be a better solution. The beam, while wider, is more tunable than an LED beam. In other words, you can shape the beam to stay out of the eyes of oncoming drivers, so HIDs are more often DOT approved. Another advantage is that motorcycle HID lights are easier to repair if you have problems in a remote area, so you won't be stranded with a dangerous bike far from civilization.

Baja Designs' motorcycle HID lights and HID spotlights are designed to be used with electric or kick-start bikes. Our lights use a chromoly steel double light frame and work with any size forks. All HID lights come with a ballast and a full mounting kit with hardware.


Be sure to check our Motorcycle Race Light Chart for your specific bike fitment.