Universal Dual Sport Kits/Parts

There are several things to consider if you're thinking of transforming your dirt bike into a street legal dual sport. The first thing to consider is whether you can even do it — some states just don't allow it. However, if you do live in a state where you can pull it off, you're going to need to round up quite a few components to make your bike legal. Fortunately, Baja Designs has been kind enough to round them up for you and include them in a handy-dandy kit.

Our universal kits come ready to install on just about any bike. Depending on the bike, it may not be exactly plug-and-play. With a little creativity and a few modifications, however, our kit should get you on the road.  

Our model-specific kits will be easier to install and give the bike a cleaner look than the universal kits. Kits include turn signals, a headlight, a battery (where needed) mirrors, a taillight, a horn, a bar switch, and a license plate bracket. We also carry speedometers, although these are not required in some states.

Baja Designs motorcycle lighting is manufactured in the USA and backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty for the ultimate in purchase protection.