The Honda Africa has a fantastic reputation. It's known to be adventure-ready right out of the box. From the adjustable Showa suspension to the compact, lightweight 998cc parallel twin, this is one adventure bike that shines off-road.

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There are a ton of reasons for wanting your dirt bike to be street legal. It's fun to ride, great transportation, great gas mileage, you can ride straight to the trails, and on and on and on.

Most importantly...

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Send Us Your Stories

January 27, 2017

Baja Designs

Show Us You Are Nuts!

You have done the research and ponied up for the best off-road lighting systems on earth...

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The Baja Peninsula is one of the most beautiful, punishing places on earth. It extends about 775 miles south of California to Los Cabos. This 55,000-square-mile peninsula...

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500 Miles of Baja

June 13, 2017

Andy McMillin’s latest overall victory, coming home in the dark, shows the amazing strength of his motorsports team. 500 miles of brutal Baja terrain is not for the weak...

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