Baja Designs Continues Win Streak


Baja Designs Continues Win Streak with 24 Podiums at The Mint 400

The Mint 400 has grown into a huge “off-road festival” since its inaugural race in 1967. The 2019 Mint 400 winners and many other podium finishers continue to choose Baja Designs for their lighting needs. Baja Designs had 15 teams achieve 1st place finishes in the 51st Mint 400, and an additional 9 podium finishes. This year’s race took place over the course of two days. With starts before sunrise, and some finishing late into the night, lighting played a key role.
Class 10 first place finisher, Chase Warren
Justin Lofton produced the highlight of the event by securing a record-breaking win, making him the first driver to claim 3 first place finishes at The Mint.  Leading up to the race, Justin and his team spent countless hours preparing. During tech and contingency he commented on how badly they wanted to be the first to accomplish a third Mint 400 win. “It was an uneventful race in a good way,” Justin mentioned. This year’s course was a 119-mile loop to be completed three times. “It was a brutal course. We like to keep our Baja Designs lights on the whole time. Keeping them on during the 2nd and 3rd lap when you start to lap people helps the other trucks see us and move over. We ran a good pace and waited for others to make mistakes and capitalized on them. When it started getting dark, our Amber LP9s helped us see bigger rocks in the road and on the side… you know the “gotchas”… and kept us from getting flats.” Lofton and his team ran an almost flawless race and he had the confidence to do so thanks to the products he chooses to run on his truck.
Justin Lofton leading the pack
Team BD driver, Bryce Menzies in the #7 TT, held the top position most of the race until half-way through the third lap when he faced an unfortunate tire blowout, ultimately losing the lead to Justin Lofton.
Bryce Menzies  - Photo Credit: Justin Chaisson
Another fairy-tale first place finish came from the Honda Ridgeline 7200 truck driven by Jeff Procter and Patrick Dailey and their co-driver, Evan Weller. The Mint 400 “has truly been my Kryptonite,” said Patrick, “But now I can finally say we won the Mint 400!” Jeff Procter was elated with their team’s performance. “This Ridgeline race truck was so fast off the early morning start and with our Baja Designs light bar lighting the way, it was easy for us to pick through the traffic all the way to the finish line!”
Honda Ridgeline Racing - Photo Credit: Bink Designs
New to the Baja Designs team, Travis Chase of Chase Motorsports and his Class 5 and Class 6100 cars. Chase came in first place in his #5001 in Saturday’s race ecstatic with how much faster he could drive after installing the LP9s. “As the night started to fall, I ran with just the amber [light bar] for a while.  It wasn’t till I needed a little more distance that I decided to turn on the LP9’s.  And WOW!  Those light were impressive.  I really like how they have side lights built in to aid in spotting your turn. I literally ran with those three lights the entire race and was still able to put 4 minutes over second place in the dark.” During Sunday’s race, Chase started 13th in the 6100 class and quickly moved up to 4th within the first lap. Once the sun started to set, and clouds rolled in, lights became a necessity. “They honestly turn night into day. So incredible,” exclaims Chase. Travis in the #6195 T Spec finished second, just 1 minute and 14 seconds behind Baja Designs teammate, Brock Heger in the #6183 truck.
Travis Chase - Photo Credit: The Redline Projects
Among the motorcycle teams racing this year, was Baja Designs team athletes Mark Samuels and Justin Morgan. “The sun was just coming out when we started, but I like the [Baja Designs] light for safety and for the pit to be able to spot me,” said Justin Morgan. Daytime light use for safety is something that Baja Designs, along side Justin and Mark, have been actively promoting. Morgan mentioned “for being 240 miles the race went by very quickly.” That comes as no surprise for a team who is used to pushing the limit for 1000 miles (Morgan, Samuels, and Jones currently hold the 1x plate for the SCORE Pro Class after winning the overall this past year on their Baja Designs equipped Honda CRF450X).
Mitch Guthrie Jr. - Photo Credit: Daniel Schenkelberg
Casey Currie - Photo Credit: Kyle Chandler
Fan favorites Casey Currie and Mitch Guthrie Jr. also both succeeded in achieving first place finishes in their respective classes, with Guthrie maintaining momenetum with a back to back win following King of the Hammers.
Trick Truck  Justin Lofton 1st
  Brett Sourapas 2nd
1000 Chase Warren 1st
  Conner McMullen 2nd     
  Christian Fessler  3rd 
1500 Cody Parkhouse  1st      
  CJ Hutchins       3rd   
7200 Honda Ridgeline Racing  1st
6100 Brock Heger  1st
  Travis Chase  2nd
  Mills Motorsports  3rd
5000 Travis Chase 1st
4700 Bunch Racing 1st
4400 Casey Currie 1st
1100 Duane Gerthe  1st
UTV Turbo Mitch Guthrie Jr. 1st
  Phil Blurton    2nd
Pro UTV Seth Quintero  1st
UTV Unl Brett Comiskey  1st
  Eli Kiger         3rd
UTV Rally Darren  Rude 1st
11 Jorge Ventura  1st
Open P Mark Samuels 3rd
Dual Sport James Hill   1st
Whether you are racing the Great American Off-Road Race or riding the trails in your backyard, Baja Designs Lighting will cut through the dark and keep you safe in the light. Baja Designs LED and laser lights are the highest-performing on the market today, it’s no wonder winners and champions choose them for their lighting needs.
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