Baja Designs Off-Road Lighting Retail Displays

Off-Road Lighting Shop Displays

Your storefront will shine when it features a desk, shelf, or table full of Baja Designs LED lights. We know many customers prefer to see lighting products in person before they buy — and we also know the importance of supporting local off-road dealerships. A Baja Designs light display is the perfect way to draw people in with a high-quality product they’ll love.

Why Have an LED Lighting Retailer Display

These pre-assembled displays have several benefits for stores and their customers. Sales representatives will better be able to point out and demonstrate features as part of their pitch. Customers, meanwhile, can experience the look and feel of Baja Designs lights. In some cases, you won’t even need words to show off how they can help a vehicle. Having a great display on the front line goes a long way towards completing a sale that will leave everyone happy.

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Automotive Light Display Options

We offer several Baja Design showroom display solutions for our dealers:

Sitting on these displays will be our premium off-road lights ready for action. Display LED bars, auxiliary lights, laser lights, infrared night-vision lights, and many other revolutionary products. We’re the scientists of lighting who also understand the importance of grabbing customer’s attention with a great presentation. If you’re not already a Baja Designs dealer, become one today!