Dealer Displays

Displaying our Baja Designs product by using one of our dealer displays will drive attention to your shop and our products in a more dynamic way. Retailers can transform their space into an extraordinary storefront with Baja Designs products and retail displays. We have created a full line of displays to help customers understand the look and feel of Baja Design lights. Our dealer displays will better portray the features, benefits, and visual variance of your selection of products without you ever needing to explain a thing. Our dealer displays also help your sales representatives in their sales pitches by providing customers with better merchandising options and recommendations.

Benefits of Retailer Displays

A well-designed display unit showcases your products so well that the display almost fades into the background. While your merchandise line offers your customers with high-end lighting products and accessories, without a dealer display your store can lack the visual components buyers of today desire. The design of our lighting systems deserves a better brand image in your storefront. Not only does this make our products stand out but provide your storefront with a more engaging, modern, luxurious, and customer-friendly experience. Arguably one of the most important aspects of a retail store is your front line. Get yours looking its best with our dealer and retailer displays.

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Showroom Display Options

No matter the size of your Baja Designs product line, we have the perfect display options to match. Here is a brief description of each type of dealer display.


Retail Display Mount

The Point Of Purchase Slatwall Mount was created for dealerships and off-road shops to display our products on their existing slat walls easily. The Slatwall Mounts holds everything from our S2 to our full-width light bars. Find your perfect display mount with our POP Display Slatwall Mount.


Desktop Displays

Each of the Baja Designs desktop displays come with a sleek, pre-assembled unit. You can place your product line on your desktop or another table in your shop. There are also a Sport and Pro option of our Desktop Dealer Displays. These visual displays will also give your customers a first-hand look at a variety of our products making it the ideal sales accessory.


Small Dealer Display

Individually display a specific Baja Design product, with our small retailer displays. These small counter-top displays are an ideal way to get Baja Designs products in front of your customers. Let our unique designs, superior build quality, and performance driven engineering speak for themselves. These displays come fully assembled with a built-in power supply; all you will need is a standard 110v wall outlet for power.


About Baja Designs

Revolutionizing industry leading lights is not just a job at Baja Designs, but a lifelong passion for both the owners and employees.  The Baja Designs product line is dedicated to being BRIGHTER, BOLDER, and BETTER, which is why we truly are “The Scientists of Lighting.” Since the beginning, we have engineered revolutionary ways to stay at the forefront of motorcycle and automotive lighting. Now you can discover the Baja Designs difference with our American-made products including infrared LED and laser light applications.