BD’s Scientists, technicians, and engineers always strive and search for possibilities as well as technologies to evolve their products expectations. The Scientists are not ones to disappoint and with the announcement of their new MoistureBlock™. BD has changed the standard of LED lighting once again.

“The elements play a huge toll on auxiliary lighting, meaning that there is almost always going to be a circumstance that is less than adequate,” says founder and Chief Engineer Alan Roach. “Our new MoistureBlock™ system has taken away the headache that terrain and weather can often cause with having a completely customizable light that is also 100% waterproof,” says Roach.

The MoistureBlock™ functions exactly to its name, completely blocking moisture or water from climbing its way down the cord into your LED light. Even if you cut the connector off, your light is still waterproof and you won‘t void your warranty like other light manufacturers. BD’s MoistureBlock™ system ensures time and environments will never be able to compromise the functionality of your LED light.

Baja Designs’ MoistureBlock™cord is an innovative new technology that solves one of the biggest problems that plagues LED lights – water in the light. MoistureBlock™ completely stops water from wicking its way up the cord and into the lights.