Lighting Zone: UTV

These zones have been designed by the Scientists of Lighting at Baja Designs to help you aim and mount your lights. Each zone is fulfilled by a specific light or combination of lights. We recommend that 80% of your lights are mounted on the front bumper, with a High Speed Spot™ option on the roof.

Zone One - Dust/Fog: This Zone illuminates the area directly in front of the vehicle. Mounting these lights low on the bumper eliminates glare from dust or fog. Optional uService® interchangeable amber lenses are available for improved vision in this zone.

Zone Two - Cornering: This Zone provides the cornering light necessary to drive comfortably at speed. By towing these lights out 10%-15% a smooth field of light is achieved, eliminating the feeling of tunnel vision.

Zone Three - Driving/Combo: These are your primary driving lights. There are many options for this Zone. Lights are mounted in the middle of the front bumper to avoid glare off of the hood or from dust/fog in front of the vehicle. This beam pattern should be aimed so that the bottom of the pattern touches the top of your Zone One pattern.

Zone Four - Spot: This Zone is your first level of long distance lighting. Lights intended for this zone will give you the distance needed to travel at speed. Combined with Zone Two lighting, a smooth transition is achieved creating less stress on the human eye.

Zone Five - High Speed Spot™: This Zone is necessary if you are traveling at speeds of 100 mph +. This is one of the only lights we recommend mounting to the roof. 

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