Vehicle Specific LED Light Kits



Baja Designs vehicle specific LED light kits give users a brilliant amount of light and spread while maintaining their stock OEM look. Our kits include OEM LED light bars and LED light kits for the Ford Raptor, Ford Super Duty, Chevy HD, and Jeep JK. The Baja Designs U.S. made Stealth LED light bar and Squadron LED light have revolutionized truck LED lighting. The Stealth’s slim and sleek housing allow it to go almost unseen during the day, but with each 10” section packing 3500 Lumens the Stealth LED light bar truly brings day to the night. Each LED bar is hand assembled with the highest quality XP-G LEDs. The Squadron LED light is a 3 x 3 light that has made a huge leap in LED technology. The Squadron produces a raw 3600 lumens with an unmistakably fluid beam pattern. Utilizing 4 CREE XML LEDs picked from the highest quality bin, the Squadron is one of the best innovations in LED lighting. The Squadron LED, like the Stealth LED light bar, is very low profile and makes it easy for off road enthusiast’s to mount anywhere. The Squadron is available in 4 patterns to ensure that you get light right where you need it. If you are looking for the best in LED lighting for your Ford Raptor, Ford Super Duty, Chevy HD, or Jeep Jk then Baja Designs is your answer.