Our LED light bars and LED lights have set the
industry standards in performance and quality
for over 20 years.  With almost unlimited
choices we have the right fitment for your vehicle.

Off-road LED, HID Lighting & Lighting Kits by Baja Designs

Baja Designs understands your individual off-roading needs. We proudly offer a diverse selection of off-road LED light bars, auxiliary lighting options, and high-intensity HID spots. Our line of LED lights also includes vehicle-specific lighting options for your off-roading vehicle. Browse our selection of fitted Ford, Chevrolet, and Jeep Wrangler lights to ensure that your LED lights will fit, and give the best performance possible!

Our off-road LED light bars are specifically tailored to fit a diverse range of vehicles. Farmers and agricultural workers can brighten the path during the early morning or late night hours by mounting an LED light on a trailer, tractor, or other vehicles used in the process. Motorcycle riders can keep the road clear when they mount a fitted LED auxiliary light. Military vehicles usually require the best equipment for all operations, and we are proud to supply! Even Coast Guard vessels, fishermen, casual fishermen, off-shore oil rigs, or other industrial boats can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality off-road LED light bar from Baja Designs. We are proud of the versatility our LED lights offer, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Browse our diverse selection of off-road LED light bars, HID lighting, lighting kits, and vehicle-specific products to find a wide variety of products for your every need!

OnX 6 LED Light Bar

Why Choose Baja Designs for Off-road LED & HID Lighting

The brightest, most-efficient lights in the industry are frequently found on professional and amateur Baja 1000-winning vehicles. Baja Designs is continually developing improved LED light bars and auxiliary lights to fit all individual needs and vehicle types. Excellent lighting is vital in off-road driving for the comfort, safety, and capabilities of the driver. Our “Scientists of Lighting” have proudly developed interchangeable lenses with unique construction, and moisture-block technology that makes the lights waterproof/dustproof/etc. We have figured why the 5000k daylight color spectrum is valuable to nighttime drivers, as it reduces driver fatigue and improves terrain recognition. Our LED off-road lights and HID lighting is proudly made in the USA! Each of our LED light purchases is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and limited lifetime warranty that covers your purchase, including light burnout. Trust the engineers and lighting scientists at Baja Designs with your safety and peace of mind as you tackle your off-roading endeavors! Also, consider using our LED lighting for industrial, agricultural, military, and even water-based vehicles to optimize your work, promote safety, and complete your needed tasks with ease.